At our house, we are always looking for kid  safe  YouTube channels, and we know that kids love to watch kids! That’s why we love these YouTube channels starring  kids! youtube channels starring kids

20 YouTube Channels Starring Kids

  1. Hallecake is a kid who loves making cool crafts and baking fun kid-approved treats. Her geeky treats are  perfect for the gamer kids!
  2. Kids Activities Blog even has a few kid-starred vids of their own for you to watch!
  3. Kitties Mama is a cool family channel where the kids all star in different videos like skits, makeup tutorials, and even some crafts!
  4. EvanTubeHD is the biggest kid YouTube star of them all. His toy reviews are the best.
  5. The Mommy and Gracie Show is fun because it’s nice to see a daughter and her mom just having fun together and playing!
  6. RadioJH Audrey is all about the blind bags and unboxing. (Your kids know what this is, promise.)
  7. The Happy Family Show is another group of siblings. This time they are doing sketches and skits with their dolls. It’s hilarious.
  8. Rosie’s World is full of tea parties and all sorts of other awesomeness. It’s a princess lover’s dream come true.
  9. Seven Awesome Kids are a bit older, teenagers and pre-teens, but they still have a cute channel your kids will like watching with funny stories, room reviews and some DIY.
  10. AllTube4Kids is kids pulling pranks! I LOVE watching kids pull pranks, it’s hysterical!
  11. Epic Fun 4 Kids is awesome for your Lego lovers! And he makes Butterbeer, too!
  12. Piper from Piper’sPicksTV goes all around like a real news person, interviewing and chatting with people.
  13. BabyTeeth4 are two kids who eat a lot of candy and play with a lot of toys while going on epic adventures. Fun!
  14. Bratayley are three kids who just do every day stuff but Vlog it for other kids to watch.
  15. Jacy and Kacy do all sorts of challenges. Kids love watching challenges on YouTube, but it’s even more fun to watch other kids do them!
  16. Seven Super Girls has a different girl make a video each day of the week, so there’s always lots of kid made videos to watch.
  17. B2CuteCupcakes pretty much just plays with playdough. And it’s mesmerizing.
  18. AcroAnna does all sorts of cool flips and acrobatics. It’s so fun to watch!
  19. Truth+Dare is a really cool twist on a favorite game. The kids do dares from viewers every week.
  20. Kid President is technically just a playlist on a bigger channel, but it’s awesome enough that all kids should watch it!
And if you’re looking for educational channels for your kids to watch, check  out these 10 educational YouTube channels!

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  1. I thought this was a great list!!! I want to be on it next time lol 🙂 This was helpful to find good channels to watch on YouTube for me…Thank you!