Easter is right around the corner, and while it is fun to celebrate with bunnies, chicks and eggs, it is also great to come back to the true meaning of Easter by focusing on Jesus’ death and resurrection. This  egg shell Easter mosaic cross craft is a wonderful way to bring in the symbolism of the Easter egg, focusing on new life through the power of the cross. If you are looking for more Easter activities, there are over 200 Easter activities featured here. I also love these 14 no-dye Easter egg alternatives. If you are looking for other ways to make an Easter cross, you also might want to check out these children fingerprint crosses and these  paper mosaic crosses, which have a similar feel to our egg shell Easter cross.

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egg shell cross mosaic craft

Materials Needed for Egg Shell Easter Mosaic Cross Craft

How to make an Egg Shell Easter Mosaic Cross

mosaic easter cross egg shells

  1. Save your egg shells after using the egg inside. Peel off the membrane and rinse. It is easiest to peel off the membrane immediately after use. I saved these in a bowl until I had enough to do the craft. I believe a dozen eggs would make you at least four crosses.
  2. Crush up egg shells. I let my son do this with a toy hammer. You don’t want the pieces too tiny, so monitor this process.
  3. Rinse and clean out your egg shells to make safe for use.
  4. Egg shell pieces should vary in size. Bigger ones make the craft faster and kids lay them out individually. Smaller egg shell pieces can be sprinkled onto the glue like glitter.Easter egg craft egg shell cross mosaic
  5. Prepare your dye. You can use a pre-made kit, or use the recipe found in this post. I like doing the homemade version because I find the colors more vibrant.
  6. Drop egg shells into food coloring dye and stir pieces in. Stir occasionally. Check egg shells, leaving them in the dye until desired color has been achieved. When you like the color, lay these on a paper towel to dry. I put my paper towels on top of a jelly roll pan to protect the counter. You will probably want to let these dry overnight.
  7. Print out the cross printable and cut into four crosses.
  8. Have kids add glue to the cross, sections at a time. Add the broken egg shell pieces. When cross is all filled in, have the kids work in the same way around the cross. These turn out the best if the cross and the outer part are contrasting colors.

easter craft egg shell mosaic cross

I hope this brightly colored Easter cross craft adds meaning to your crafting this spring. This is a craft built out of the significance of Easter but also teaches kids about great art techniques and ideas like mosaics, contrasting colors and textures. Have fun with this, and have a wonderful Easter celebration with your family this year.

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