Glowing Bathtub Fun — because life is too short not to be a fun mom! I’m a believer in doing fun and crazy {and sometimes messy!} things with your kids because it not only gives your kids an epic childhood to remember but also makes you a happier mom.Bathtub Fun

Glowing Bathtub Fun

You’ll need:


  1. Fill up the bathtub, blow up the balloons and crack the glow sticks — that’s it!
  2. Let the kids go to town, playing and having fun!


  1. 18 Bathtime Boredom Busters — from The Realistic Mama
  2. Make Paper Garlands  together to decorate your kids room! — from Playtivities
  3. Make a No Bored Jar — from The Realistic Mama
  4. Spend One-on-One Time with your Kids — from Your Modern Family
  5. Paint each other’s feet and make a Family Footprint Keepsake — from The Realistic Mama
  6. Prank Your Kids
  7. Read with Your Kids — from The Realistic Mama
  8. On warm days head outside together and enjoy these 15 Fun Outdoor Games
  9. Make up a batch of  Bathtub Finger Paints  before their next bath– from the Realistic Mama
  10. Mail your kids something fun, use this list:  13 Things You Never Thought You Could Mail
  11. Make Your Own Homemade Game: Pom-Pom Pluck — from The Realistic Mama
  12. Make Pipe Cleaner Disguises and then goof off together
  13. If you’re kids are waiting for winter, make Snow Dough — from Love Play Learn
  14. Get messy  together with these  10 Shaving Cream Activities  or with  Rubber Band Splatter  — from The Realistic Mama
  15. Make a Special Place to Display Your Kids Artwork  — from Playtivities
  16. Start a Family SmashBook — from The Realistic Mama
  17. Set up a Treasure Hunt
  18. Make a Volcano Together — from Love Play Learn
  19. Create Family Traditions Together — from Playtivites
  20. Go on Date Nights with your kids, here are 10 fun ideas from Beauty Through Imperfection
  21. Make this Giant Dry Erase Mat and doodle together — from I Heart Arts & Crafts
  22. Make up a batch of Cloud Dough  and actually sit down and play and create with your kiddos
  23. Build a Fort Together
  24. Have a Frozen Themed Birthday Party.
  25. Just ask your kids what THEY want to do!  
And if you’re having a rough day with your kids  Reset a Bad Day  with this fun trick  — from The Realistic Mama Have another idea to add to the list? Please come share with us on Facebook!

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