I am so excited to tell you about the treasure hunt we did yesterday with my kids.  My kids adore anything slightly mysterious, so this was great fun. The hunt was a personalized adventure from MyTreasureHunt {Kids Activities Blog sponsor}.  MyTreasureHunt is a Kickstarter project that allows you to get in for very little money and includes some big, treasure-hunting rewards! Treasure Hunt - Kids Activities Blog


The treasure hunt arrived via mail {there are printable versions available} with simple instructions for set up.  In fact, it was so easy that my older kids followed the directions and hid the clues all over the house for their younger brother.  The treasure hunt that we completed is personalized for one child, but adds a hunt assistant’s name in the clues.  It took about 10 minutes to get everything prepared and then the hunt was on.

Treasure Hunt for Kids

Rhett {age 8} was ready to find treasure in our house!  He read the first letter over and found the first clue with ease.  The second clue took a longer time because he had to figure out how to de-code the letter.  His older brothers and dad all put their heads together to figure out the secret. Treasure Hunt - My Treasure Hunt MyTreasureHunt clues can be ordered in 3 skill levels.  We used the easy which was still pretty challenging.  I liked that the kids had to put in a little effort to figure it out.  Hints are included, but we didn’t need them. Once the code was cracked, off he went to find the next clues. He was running everywhere  and looking high and low. After each clue was found, he would sit down and de-code it for information for the next location.  He was really into it and his brothers were following along giving sage advice. MyTreasureHunt has the option to provide the “treasure” or you could create your own.  We opted for the treasure which was a huge hit. Treasure Hunt money - Kids Activities Blog

The Treasure

The treasure was in a velvet bag and contained a pound of coins.  They are coins from all over the world and different sizes, shapes and weights. Rhett and his brothers went through the pile multiple times finding their favorite coins.  They spent the afternoon trying to figure out where the coins came from and searching the internet for the coin’s worth.  Rhett has requested that our next project be organizing the coins in a notebook by country which sounds like great fun.

How to Get Your Own Personalized Treasure Hunt

Hop on over to the MyTreasureHunt Kickstarter page to learn more.  There are several levels to choose from – so you can find the perfect treasure hunt for your child. Kids Activities Blog readers get the first shot at special “Early Bird” rewards at great discounts, right now before anyone else hears about them.  These are a really good deal so check them out. We loved the entire experience.  Later that evening, out of the blue, my husband said, “I really like that treasure hunt thing.”  That is high praise at my house!   Thanks so much to MyTreasureHunt for supporting Kids Activities Blog.  We adore sponsors that are perfectly aligned with our message of families having fun together.  

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