Have you ever spent the week in cool mountain air?

boys in mountain airBeating the Texas heat by nearly 50 degrees in the evening.

Observing an after-dark Badminton match between a collection of random vacationing boys while shivering in a jacket over summerwear.

Have you ever torn 3 children away from a vacation?

Packing them in an SUV and heading Southeast.

Driving 14 hours straight between Colorado and Texas while minimizing vehicle stoppage to the absolute necessities.

Have you ever carried sleeping offspring to bed?

Weary from the journey that brought them home.

Negotiating a bath delay to morning allowing a smoother transition to smelly slumber nestled safely in their own beds.

Did you watch the bathtub overflow the next morning?

Flooding the entire second floor bathroom.

Seeping into the playroom amid a billion Lego blocks while pouring from the kitchen ceiling below.

overflowing tubHave you spent the morning on damage control?

Transforming household towels into dams.

Ripping up carpet squares, shoveling soppy toys into buckets and sending an SOS out for a colony of fans.

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  1. Nope, Never have. However, I know others that have and it wasn’t pretty. Required remediation and mold control. yikes.


  2. I have had this happen a few times when I was single. Thankfully it hasn’t happened in our house yet.

  3. no. but i’ve had a waterfall in my kitchen when both mine were still in diapers. i’m sorry your return from vacation was so horrible.

    i wish it hadn’t happened.

  4. I actually have had this happen, except ours was the bathroom sink and not the tub. We were installing a new water softener and DH had turned on the bathroom sink to make sure the water was running upstairs. Neither one of us knew there was a clog in that sink until the water started pouring through the kitchen light fixture on the floor below. If you have a closet next to the bathroom flood be sure to chec,k in there too. The water in our flood had also seeped into the linen closet through the wall as well causing mildew on the wall and on some of the items in the closet.