consequence or irony?

Having three boys requires a lot of toy management.

scooterWe seem to have three of just about everything ever displayed at a Toys ‘R Us.

God forbid they share.

I have spent extensive time in their playroom and bedroom to assure that IF all the toys were ever put away at the same exact time, there would be a place for everything.

IF.   IF.   IF.

The garage is an even larger puzzle to solve.   Not only do I deal with the boys’ toys, but my husband’s as well.   That would bring the boy tally to 4.

I have separated the big boy toys from the little boy toys and parked my car in the middle.

My next strategy is to make sure that the little boy toys stay to the right of my car.   Not in front.   Not in back.

Because toys in front and back of the car tend to have unhappy endings.

Recently, it was a scooter that was left behind the car and backed over resulting in a twisted platform and non-functional brakes.

I had mentioned to the boys {about a 100 times} to make sure all their toys were out of the car’s path.

Yet, their carelessness had resulted in a crunching noise under the car.

I launched into my this is what happens when you don’t listen to your mother speech:

There are natural consequences!

Someone will be without a scooter!  

How sad for them!

The boys sat quietly and listened.   They seemed to take the speech to heart.   My message was getting through!

Last night my husband was out playing catch with Ryan and Reid.   Rhett was riding around the driveway on one of the still-intact scooters.   I grabbed my scooter and joined him.

It just didn’t seem right.

There was rotated metal underneath my feet.

I stepped back and found no brake.

The scooter the boys had left behind my car was mine.

I backed over my own scooter.

So much for natural consequence.


  1. Mrs. Flinger says:

    Oh but I do this too! The un-natural consequence of leaving toys in the living room too many times results in donations to good will. But I’m not nearly as organized. 😉

  2. That my friend is hilarious. (And the story of my life!)

  3. Hey Holly,

    Lol, love it!

    I had no idea you had your own personal blog. Not sure how I missed that, just started following.

  4. Oh too funny… and boy can this mama relate.
    Great meeting you (online).

  5. Wow. Three boys. That surely is a very hard one. Boys are less sweet. They’re more hardheaded than girls. Well, as long as you listen to them, and understand them, they’ll surely be doing the same thing too.

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