My husband works from home. The majority of his hours are at night. The good news is that our house is very quiet at night so his dictation and phone conversations can be accomplished uninterrupted. The bad news is that when you work all night, the only time left for sleep is during the day. At my house. At my house with three boys. I am the noise police.   Waking daddy up is NOT an option.   It is my personal mission to protect the day sleep. It is an endless battle.   Boys are not quiet by nature.   Boys aren’t even quiet when threatened within an inch of their lives accompanied by allowance removal. Here is a peek at 20 minutes this morning: The scene:   3 boys sitting on the couch in the living room.   One is drawing, one is reading, one is doing nothing except irritating the other two.   I am in the kitchen cleaning up after breakfast.   Screaming erupts in the living room… *Holly quietly RUNS into the living room* Shhhhh!   Stop screaming.   Your daddy is sleeping.   Go upstairs and get dressed. The scene:   3 boys upstairs in the room that they share supposedly getting dressed.   Upon further investigation, one is under the covers in bed with a Nerf sword, another is standing on top the bed with a Nerf hatchet and the third is on the top bunk throwing stuffed animal bombs on the other two.   Screaming erupts in the bedroom… *Holly quietly RUNS upstairs to the bedroom* Shhhhh!   Stop screaming.   Your daddy is sleeping.   You are up here to get dressed. The scene:   3 boys upstairs in the playroom 2/3 still in their pajamas.   One is playing with a LEGO spaceship, one is trying to play with the same LEGO spaceship, another is trying to play with the same LEGO spaceship.   Screaming erupts in the playroom… *Holly quietly RUNS upstairs to the playroom* Shhhhh!   Stop screaming.   Your daddy is sleeping.   You two get dressed and then each of you can build a LEGO spaceship with the kajillion LEGOS on the floor. All stayed quiet for the next 5 minutes. ahhhhhh. And then one of them started playing the harmonica.

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  1. I would suggest a noise maker for your husband as a possible help? We can’t get by without them!

  2. I work from home 4 days a week. My youngest 2 like to escape from the house and come to my office to visit. My 3 yr old daughter will be quiet if I am on the phone, usually. My 5 1/2 yr old son will whisper, loudly, while I am on the phone. Today Rosalie told sam very loudly, Sammy, you have to be quiet when mom is on the phone. Good thing that customer has a sense of humor

  3. ahaha! oh to be a fly on the wall. boys are amazing creatures, aren’t they? mine actually woke me to harmonica music a few weeks ago. it was quite pleasant how could your hubby not like it?

  4. Well surely the harmonica is sweet sleep inducing music.
    I think, my dear, that you are going about this ALL wrong… Perhaps you need to train your husband to sleep perfectly through the “white noise” sounds of boys. 🙂 IMAGINE how much simpler your life would look then!