He crawled up in my lap for comfort. dead plantI held and rocked him back and forth as he sobbed.   Big tears rolled out of his green eyes dropping down onto precious cheeks with a deliberate splash. How could you, mommy? I am so sorry, Rhett.   How could you? I should have done something sooner – when you asked. I asked you over and over! It was true. A week or so ago he brought home a plant they had nurtured in Kindergarten.   What had started out as a dark, lifeless seed had magically grown into a 5 inch tall green, leafy plant. He had watered it. He had placed it in the right light. He had loved it into growing. And then he brought it home with directions… My teacher said that it needs more dirt.   She said we should plant it in a bigger container as soon as we get it home. Not today sweetie.   I am busy. Can we plant my plant today?   My teacher says it needs more dirt. Not today sweetie.   I am busy. I have asked several times, mommy, can we plant it today? Maybe later today.   I am busy. But I forgot later and here we are a week later with a plant that needs life support and a boy heartbroken in my arms. We ended up attempting the transplant.   It took exactly 2 1/2 minutes to find some gravel for the bottom of the pot, add some potting soil and improve the soil to plant ratio. 2 1/2 minutes that couldn’t be carved out of my busy schedule for the last 7 days.

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  1. hears a little plant 101, i put rocks in the bottom of all my house plants so if you over water the stays in the bottom and won’t cause root rot. don’t over water, your plant needs water when you put your finger in the dirt and it feels dry, you can also get what is called a moisture oline at burbpee.com they are little birds that chirp when your plant needs water i hope this helps you

  2. Don’t beat yourself up too much over it. At least you managed to come thru in the end. I usually don’t even do that. I dread seeing those little plants come home because I know that they all end up dead & in the trash within days at my house. Worst mom ever, right here.

  3. awww. I totally get this.
    this made me tear-up because this is me exactly 🙁

    I hope it comes back!