Dear Mommy and Daddy.

I don’t know why you were so sad this morning, but please don’t cry out loud like that again, Daddy. My friends asked me if something was wrong with you and I didn’t know. So I asked Uncle Chris to help me write a card for you, and he said to say you owe him money. Does he get an allowance too?

Kindergarden is SO FUN!! We all got to show our school supplies and tell about our families, so I told everyone how Daddy took me shopping to get some of the things from the school supplies list. I told them how he couldn’t find a lot of it, and kept saying that word Mommy doesn’t like. Then he said that Nana wouldn’t get him the big 64 crayons with the sharpener when he was a little boy, and that all he wanted was a sharpener, and he and Nana still have a lot of stuff to talk about one day. I heard Mrs. Crabtree say she didn’t understand why some people can’t follow directions. But when she saw me watching her she said that my mommy and daddy must give me whatever I want all the time, and that I was a princess. Am I supposed to be getting lots of stuff?

Thank you for my Hannah Montana backpack, Mommy. It is just like the one Susie has. At recess we sang Hannah Montana songs together, only she didn’t know the right words. She thought she did, but I told her my Daddy sings in the shower and he said he changes the words to send to Hannah so she will be famous. Daddy said he used to send the famous words to Britney too, but they stopped working when she got mad and cut off her hair.

My new friends are really nice, but some of them made fun of me. Remember how you told me that some kids might be different, or come from far away places? Well, I didn’t have juice or cookies in my lunch box, I didn’t know who a man named Spongebob was, and my mommy and daddy are still married. One girl asked if I come from America or Pluto. Where’s Pluto?

Thank you for letting me come to this school, Mommy and Daddy. I heard Susie’s Mommy say that her daughter was smarter than most of the teachers here, but I saw Susie pick her nose and then…well… I don’t think Mrs. Crabtree does that.

I love you, Me.

PS – Mrs Crabtree says unless I have 20 more big crayon boxes, I can’t bring these crayons back to school. Why does she hate Crayons?

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