Introducing the world of irresistible kid loot aka Our Holiday Gift Guide for 5-8yr olds!!. I mean, are you kidding me with Plush Craft’s cute pillow kits, Build-About’s Construction Kits, and Mindware’s Marvelous Mazes?!  Boy, oh boy! I wish I was age 8 again. The biggest hits in our house last Christmas were a Wizard of Oz Dorothy Doll and a box set of Shirley Temple movies – it was lovely to snuggle up on the couch together and watch some innocent oldies xxx Your little fashionista will love these nail art wraps for girls. They are too cute! Jump on in for great parent recommended board games, jewelry kits, sciency fun, bumper cars, pretend play games and much much more. Holiday Gift Guide for 5-8yr olds

PlushCraft Owl Pal Pillow

Young crafters will love creating a fun owl pillow with this simple kit – easy enough for younger kids but still fun enough to keep slightly older kids engaged. There’s also a cute cat, butterfly and fox pillow!! so cute


Magnatiles are AMAZING !!! Creative, educational and colourful magnetic building fun. We have this kit and it gets used all the time! Worth the $$

Puzzle Maker

How cool!! Your kids will just not be able to get enough of taking photos, artwork, invitations or virtually anything and turning them into puzzles!

Tactic Games US Flags Of The World

An internationally educational game of fun! – Parent recommended

Barbie Collector Wizard of Oz Dorothy Doll

This exquisite doll was the hit in our house last Christmas – it’s the one doll that’s ˜minded ™

Build-Abouts: Urban Camouflage Set

The flat panels have simple notches that fit together snugly using the connector pieces. Once the hands-on construction is done, it’s playtime!

Story Stones

A yummy linen bag filled with twelve assorted hand-painted story stones including a variety of images to help bring any story to life.

Let’s Play School Set

What kid doesn’t love to play pretend school! whether teacher or student this 154piece set will keep them engaged for hours.

Simon Says!!

Simon is back, and it is better than ever! This is on our Santa list for sure – a classic that I loved when I was young and hope my daughter loves too.

Elenco Snap Circuits SC-300 Physics Kit

Your kids will be engrossed with this – building exciting projects such as AM radios; burglar alarms; doorbells and much more!

Ultimate ®Shrinky Dinks Jewelry Designer

Turn plastic into something fantastic! The perfect gift for daughters, nieces, and all jewelry loving girls.

Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet

A real tablet, not a toy! with amazing parental controls including personalize screen time limits, educational goals, and age-appropriate content! Oh and yes the kid-proof bumper-like cover is so darn clever!

Melodica Portable Keyboard

This keyboard slash flute is totally awesome – perfect for all kinds of musical kids and comes in a range of colours.

Masking Tape Gift Box

Yummy gift box of washi tape, a guaranteed hit with all 5-8yr old girls

Space Age Crystal Kit

Your kids will get such a kick out of growing sparkling dazzling geodes right before their eyes to look like rubies, emeralds, quartz and amber.


An award winning board game that’s easy to learn and fast to play. Kids capture the colors they need while blocking their opponents from capturing the colors they need.

MindWare Q-Ba-Maze Big Box

A Far-From-Ordinary Marble Maze. Configurations are unlimited, allowing for unpredictable action when steel balls travel the various routes

OgoDisk Racket Set

Each ingenious, handheld OgoDisk RAQ is a ball trampoline, racket, bat, throwing disk and unsinkable pool toy–all in one!

LEGO Minecraft The Village

Minecraft + LEGO – what’s not to love!

Kid Galaxy RC Bump ‘n Chuck Bumper Cars

Two bumper cars, two remote controllers, two drivers – that cry and get ejected right out of their seats when the cars collide!! agile five star fun More Gift Ideas From Kids Activities Blog Learn how to make this DIY jewelry!

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