There is something about nap time with kids. It’s just plain crazy. Even if you have mastered the art of getting your little one  to sleep through the night, nap time can still be quite the challenge for basically every one. Motherhood has many truths to it that most people like to edit out, but we like to keep things real and find the funny in the midst of the frustrating with our unedited truths about motherhood! incapable of comprehending naptime   Every mother out there considers her little ones to be the smartest kids on the face of the planet. Truly, each child is amazing and unique and wonderful (and smart) in his or her own way. … Until nap time. And then every bit of that smartness seems to take a rest as the child struggles to wrap their little kid brain around the concept. Sleeping in the middle of the day? Certainly not! In my child’s mind sleeping is reserved solely for adults. Kiddos should never be subjected to such horrors as bedtimes and naps. Especially when there is playing that could be done! I love watching their minds work and concoct one thousand different reasons why they should be awake. Why they need one last sip of water or eleven more chances to eat lunch. How suddenly they recall a variety of different, and urgent questions they had been meaning to ask for their entire lives. And immediately their bladders which were empty just moments ago when they were playing (and asked if they needed to use the restroom) are now full and about to burst.

Nap time is a constant (albeit entertaining) struggle.

    so smart   How do you deal with a nap time escape artist? Share on our Facebook page! For tips on making nighttime bedtime easier check out this post OR click here for more funny,  unedited truths about motherhood!

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