Oh the stress of writing the perfect Christmas letter! Christmastime is fast approaching which means the family photos are being taken and Christmas letters from bragging relatives will be arriving any day now! I do love a good Christmas letter, but I think there is an art to writing them in a fun, non-braggy way!
how to write a meaninful family Christmas letter
Writing a creative Christmas letter is easy with this inspiration!

Christmas Letter Ideas

Snail-mail is becoming a lost art so there is something special about opening the mailbox and finding a red envelope with a sweet letter from a friend or family member and a photo of their family. It’s one of my favorite things about Christmas! Yes, I realize the letters can get obnoxious, which is why I decided to share a few tips to help you write a fun non-braggy Christmas letter this year! I know a lot of people avoid them because they don’t want to be seen as  that relative that’s constantly trying to one-up every one else, but that doesn’t have to be what Christmas letters are all about!
Christmas card letter ideas - write a good Christmas letter this year - hand in mailbox
Letter ideas for Christmas make walking to the mailbox more fun!

Tips for Writing a Family Christmas Letter

  • Be honest –  I’m sure  lot of amazing and wonderful things happened in your family! So don’t let the fear of bragging keep you from sharing your joys! Just keep reality in check and be bold enough to share a few struggles too. Find  the balance between bragging and crafting a depressing tale of all the not-so-perfect moment of the year! Share the Highest highs and a few of the lows and you should be just fine!
  • Change Perspective –  Try writing from a different perspective this year. It will make your letter more  entertaining and you can add some snark in as well (which is always a plus in my opinion). One year I wrote the Christmas letter from our one year old’s perspective and it was a HUGE hit.
  • Be Brief –  I’m a book worm and a writer so you can bet I love to read the lengthy letters…but for most people a page is sufficient. Condensing an entire year of your family’s lives into one page is certainly a challenge, but it’s more likely to be read if it’s short and sweet.
  • Be Creative – There are so many creative ways to write Christmas letters! Think out side the box and do something a bit different this year. Write a poem or do your entire year in numbers  – You can check out this post for more creative ideas!
  • Be Personal –  Even if your letter is typed & printed, be sure to sign them yourself and include a small handwritten note on each one. In this way you can share your news to catch up with all your friends at once, but also add that personal touch to know you were specifically remembering each recipient this holiday season as well.
Have I convinced you Christmas letters can be done in a non-braggy and non-obnoxious way? I hope so! Christmas letters are one of my very favorite things and I would love to see more people re-discovering the lost art of sending snail mail!
Christmas letter writing ideas that even Santa would approve of - santa with blank page
Writing a good Christmas letter from a blank page stumps even Santa…

Christmas Card Letter Writing Ideas

Sometimes it is easier to see something that you can use as a template or inspiration.  Staring at a blank piece of paper is the hardest way to get started.  Here are some places to inspire you to write your very best Christmas card letter…ever: For a more humorous approach to the Christmas photo that is typically mailed with the letters, be sure to check out how to take the perfect family Christmas photo (It’s pee-your-pants funny!).

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