It is the most wonderful time of the year… Christmas Card takin’ time! Don’t despair! This is something that you can do at home with your own camera.   Don’t be fooled into so-called professional photography.   NO expertise needed!   Just follow my simple steps to the perfect take-it-yourself Christmas picture. Holly’s Handy Dandy Steps to the Perfect DIY Christmas Picture: 1. Gather the kids and dress ’em in something nice – We are taking a picture!   They will be excited so try and create a calm environment for your photograph. How to take a Christmas Card photo of your family 2.   Encourage the kids to smile – it is best to command smiling over and over again in a stern and warning voice. How to take the perfect Christmas card photo of your kids 3.   When encouragement isn’t getting the results you need, then threatening them within an inch of their life is extremely effective – the bigger the threat, the better the result. How to take the best Christmas Card picture 4.   Changing the scene helps especially if you are asking them to sit in the presence of spiders – children adore bugs! Taking the perfect Christmas Card photo 5.   It is optimal to require them to sit or stand without moving – holding a pose quietly comes naturally to children (especially boys) and often they will thank you after the session for allowing them to express their “inner statue”. How to take the perfect family Christmas card photo 6.   Posing the children in elaborate formations, such as a pyramid, encourages their participation – children are extremely attentive to being photographed and won’t be distracted by the fact that their brother’s knee is jabbing them in the back or that the grass is wet beneath their knees. The perfect Christmas Card photo 7.   Have the children hug to create a calm sense of brotherly love – boys love hugs especially from their brothers.   Hugging for the camera combines two of their favorite things.   It is very win-win. Taking a Christmas Card Photo picture of three boys 8.   Pose the kids in front of the Christmas tree – every expression is more festive there! Our Christmas Card Picture 9.   Be aware that non-photo Christmas cards are available at almost any retail location – after taking 547 inadequate photographs intended for Christmas card distribution, it might be best to pick up a few boxes. Christmas Card photo final

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  1. For kids…..don’t forget about bribery when trying to take their photos…it works wonders! I actually like the last one…you could write in Ho, Ho, Ho beside each one.

  2. I love it! Why can’t kids understand how important these shoots are for us parents? Last years “one year old in Santa’s lap” was quite an ordeal for us all.
    Seriously though, I think any one of those pictures would make a lovely Christmas card. They all make me super excited about having more than one kiddo!