Jewelry.  My kids love to make their own earrings, bracelets and bangles.  We were thrilled to get to browse through Jade Gedeon’s new book, Beautiful Bracelets by Hand   <– Pre-order now while it’s on  sale!

We first met Jade when we were writing our book, 101 Kids Activities.  Jade was our photographer – and a creative soul.

Her book is filled with TONS of bracelet ideas that you can make – many of them you can adapt to be mom & me versions.  You and your daughter can be matchy-matchy.  My girls just *love* that!

kid homemade gift kidea starfish bracelet bangle

Make your Own Jewelry

We were inspired to create a starfish bangle-ankle.  So easy!  And the finished product looks great!  Perfect gift idea for your kids to make a pal, or grandma.

Supplies Needed (affiliate links):

using silicone molds to make your own jewelry with kids

DIY Bracelet Instructions

Work quickly.  Mix two colors of silicone putty together.  Then cover your piece with the plastic clay.  As we are in Texas, I should have put my putty tubes in the fridge before we began our project as the weather is balmy.  You will have more time to get the mold made right if you work with cold dough.

To cover your toy, or fish, start at the middle of your item and smooth the clay over the piece.  Once it is covered with a thick layer of clay, let it sit for 20 minutes or so to fully cure or harden.

While the mold is setting, work with your polymer clay so that it is pliable.  WE made ours into long snakes and then swirled the colors together.  Pop the starfish out of the mold and fill the mold by pressing the clay into the depression.

make bangle bracelets with your kids

Carefully remove the clay from the mold and drape it over a log  of tin foil.  We attempted to make  the log  small enough to fit our wrists, but my daughter’s wrists are tiny.  I over estimated.  Her bangle became an anklet.  She tells me she likes it that way.  Bake the clay covered foil log in the oven at 275 degrees for 30-45 minuets (depending on how thick you made the bracelet).  Enjoy!

Thanks Jade for inspiring a fun project.  There are SO many other bracelets in your book that our kids can’t wait to make together!

If you like to make and wear creative things then, Jade’s book, Beautiful Bracelets by Hand is for you!  It  will be the perfect Christmas gift for a creative gal.  You can also check out her website or follow her on facebook.

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