A Confident Mother

Confidence is one of those funny things. There are about a million variables and any one of them can tip that underlying feeling of certainty.

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I started thinking about all of this in conjunction with Invisalign’s Countdown to Confidence Daily Instant Win & Sweepstakes.  I am a member of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board which included complimentary treatment with Invisalign.

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As I have gotten older, I have {thankfully} been able to step back and observe some of this process from a few paces away.  My rational brain might even be able to talk my emotional one out of complete failure due to a bad hair day or a mistake.

Part of this is due to age and the callouses we develop through living daily.  Part of this is because I am a mom which gives me a purpose beyond what minor catastrophe may be in progress.

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Being a mom goes beyond what people see on the outside or whether I was actually able to shower this morning.  Being a mom means that little people see you, but they see you with their hearts.

This spills over to other people.

Being a confident mom doesn’t always look pulled together or in a perpetual state of right.  Being a confident mom means that there is a foundation of love and acceptance that takes the microscope off of appearances.

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What I love about that is that it isn’t that I don’t care about how I look or act, but I can judge myself with grace – the grace I would extend to anyone else!

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I chose Invisalign to correct one of those million variables associated with how I feel about myself.  You can win treatment like mine (or other great prizes) by entering the Countdown to Confidence Daily Instant Win & Sweepstakes!  It will be going on until November 13th…so hurry!


Thanks so much to Invisalign for being a sponsor of Kids Activities Blog.  All opinions expressed are my own.




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