Recently, I have been hard at work on my photography.  So, I decided to take a class from Craftsy  {Kids Activities Blog Sponsor}  to  help me learn some of the basics. If you’re ready to get your phone out of automatic and into manual mode, I highly recommend the Basics of Digital Photography class  from Craftsy. This class taught me every single thing I needed to know to finally start taking awesome pictures with my digital camera.  Plus, right now it’s 50% off for the next week. Which is an amazing deal. basics of digital photography class from craftsy What I love about Craftsy classes is that they’re broken up in chapters. Plus, I can watch them on my iPad through the free app, and go back and re-watch the chapters I need a little extra help on. I also love that you can take the class whenever you want and your access to them never expires once you sign up! basics of digital photography sponsored by craftsy

In Craftsy’s Basics of Digital Photography  Online Class, you will learn:

Move beyond auto mode and gain control of your photographs with step-by-step guidance from Santa Fe Photographic Workshops instructor Rick Allred. Master your camera's features and join Rick in the field as he reveals how to find flattering light and shoot successfully in shade, harsh sunlight and challenging low light. Learn to use shutter speed and depth of field to maximize detail, minimize distractions and create the best photos possible. Discover the limitless potential of zoom, wide-angle and telephoto lenses and find out how to use a polarizer to make bright colors pop. Discover inspiring ideas for compelling compositions and start taking photographs you're proud to share. Go sign up! It’s 50% off for a limited time, that’s a savings of $30!  But hurry, because that discount price is only available until September 18! Thanks so much to Craftsy for being a Kids Activities Blog sponsor. All opinions expressed are my own.

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