A Letter To Our Daughter.


Hey, sweet girl.

Your mom and I have thought about this day for a long time. And been excited. And worried.

The thing is, we can barely remember us without you anymore. We know we were happy before you came to be with us, but the crushing love and pride we have for you makes it hard to remember a picture without your magical eyes, and infectious smile.

Today we realized that you have been moving away from us for a long time. You’ve been collecting pieces of us to pack in your pink backpack… and as you take the steps of your life, the story of us will, in part, be written by you.

You’ve learned so much already, big girl. What’s right, and mean, and what’s sweet, and fair. We need you to remember those things now. There will be a lot to think about, we know. Teachers, and friends, manners, and strangers. And we know you can do it.

As much as we want to hold you here forever, we know you have places to go. Daddy had a great plan to keep you here until you were 30, but I’m learning that my happiness won’t always be your happiness. A doctor, a teacher, or a princess still need to learn everything they can. So listen close, and always be smart.

And today if you see Mommy crying, or if you see Daddy trying to be strong, just give us your best smile to light up our hearts. We’re a little sad, but we’re mostly proud. Of you. And us.

We’ll be here when you need.

And please. Come home soon.

Jay Lessons is a novice ˜burb daddy, a husband-in-training, and a sarcastic elitist. You can find more of his reflective rants at HalftimeLessons.com.


  1. Really, Jay, you are going to have to start your posts with “Mascara Alert”….beautiful, simply.beautiful.

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