The day is near.

The day when I have a few days a week for a few hours that day to myself.   Looking forward to this day is what got my through the years when I had three kids ages 3 and under.   I had an infant, toddler and preschooler all vying for my undivided attention 24-7;    I would dream of this day.   When I had two kids in diapers and one climbing the entertainment center I would count the years until this day.

And it’s almost here.

And it’s all I can do to keep myself from curling up in bed and crying.   My sweet babies are growing up.   Way too fast for my liking.   My oldest is six and will enter Kindergarten at “The Big Kid School.”   He did private Kindergarten last year, but since it was at his pre-school it didn’t seem like that big of a change.   He just started going five days a week instead of three.

My heart skips a beat every time I tell someone that he’s off to Kindergarten.   My baby is grown up (well relatively speaking).   If that’s not bad enough – my real baby, the youngest will start going to “school” two days a week along with her big sister who goes three days a week.   Which means I’ll have two days a week for four hours all to myself.

Seriously- what will I do?   I mean besides read blogs and update my Facebook status?   There might be some expectation from the people that live in the house that the house be clean and I look half way decent every day.   Now I have no excuse.

When you see me  on the patio at  Starbucks  – ALONE-   just me and a book and silence- just know that I’m dying inside.

Here’s a look back:

First day of school 2006:

First day of school 2007:

First day of school 2008:

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