What ways have you encouraged (or allowed) your kids to interact and play in the outdoor world around them? Preschoolers are so curious! I love how these sites, from last week’s link-up “It’s Playtime” party, had fun outside or inside, with “outside” things. Environment Play for preschoolers 1 -Gina of Play-Based Preschool brought a number of outdoor “treasures” into her class for her students to explore, bury, smoosh and otherwise enjoy.   Looks like they had fun. 2 – This is by far my son and his pals favorite thing to do outside.   I can literally give them a dozen different links of PVC piping, access to water, a dirt patch and not see them until it’s meal time!   If you have boys check out Becky of My Kids Make, she definitely understand the preschool “boy” mind! 3 – Do you have Rolly-polly’s at your house?   We do!   And big black beetles.   Both are among the favorite bugs to collect and “make homes for”.   In this post, Rose, of Walnut Acre, watched her kids make bug homes for the insects her children collected. 4 – Rachel of Sun Scholar made terrariums with her kids.   We have always enjoyed making them and these look really cute.   Does anyone have tips on how to keep them from getting moldy?   Ours never last for long. 5 – D.G. used recycled materials to create a cardboard tube windsock.   My daughter loves anything crafty – this could be a great way to get her excited about the weather! 6 – Another activity I wish we could do!   Alas, there is no space in my yard for a gravel pit, but if there were, we would totally make a “rock quarry” for the kids to have fun excavating!   Jena, of Happy Little Messes, can we come to your house?   Want to be featured one week? Link-up your favorite play-related post (please no printables!) to our weekly kids round-up – every Wednesday afternoon! .

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my terrariums this week! And thanks for hosting a fun party each week! One of my favorites!

  2. thanks for featuring us today with our PVC building project. My kids are still having fun experimenting with all the ways they can put the pipes together!!!

  3. Thanks for the feature! I was exploring your blog, and there is a lot of great stuff here. I am truly honored for the shout-out. Thanks again! 🙂