Notebook Lined Paper Bag Craft for One Smart Cookie School Themed Gift!

This really simple technique to create the look of notebook lined paper for a gift bag that includes “one smart cookie” is a super cute school themed gift just in time for back to school fun. This quick craft would make a cute teacher gift, gift for the entire class or a sweet thing to drop into your child’s lunchbox on the first day of school.

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This easy craft idea looks so cute and proves that sometimes the simple things are best! This “One Smart Cookie” treat bag craft is simple and a fun way to send your kids off to school on the first day.

If you’re a teacher, you can also make some of these cute welcome back treat bags, to welcome your students.

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How to Make Notebook Lined Paper Treat Bags Craft

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This is what you will need to create notebook lined treat bags with a cookie!

Supplies Needed for Notebook Paper Bag Craft

Directions to Put the One Smart Cookie Craft Together

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Step 1

Just take your paper bags (whatever size suits you best) and markers and start making your lines. I used a ruler because I wanted straight lines going across.

You’re going for the notebook paper look so make your blue lines horizontal and your red line vertical. I used mini bags so I tried to space my lines accordingly.

Step 2

Once you’ve done all of your lines, take your black marker or pen and write, “One Smart Cookie!” on the bag and don’t forget to sign it.

Step 3

I made Chocolate Peanut Butter flourless cookies for my kiddos but feel free to purchase some cookies and place them in the bag. There’s no judgment coming from me if you choose to buy your cookies.

Something I always have to remind myself of when I start feeling guilty about something silly like buying store bought cookies is–what’s the focus of this activity, craft, outing…  

This helps me get my priorities back in line because the message I’m wanting to send is, “I love you and I want you to feel special today.” not “You have a super duper baker mom who stayed up late at night to bake these cookies for you.”

Place it in their lunch box or backpack so they can enjoy during the day!!

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How did your notebook lined paper treat bag turn out?

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