My boys are generally not big eaters. pancake eating boysIt might be one of the reasons that they are a bit slight. It might be one of the reasons I get away with not doing much cooking. I do realize that at some point 3 boys WILL eat a lot, but for now we are coasting as they pick at their food. When we eat out they are still able to order from the kids’ menu.   Ryan(11) often chooses something off the main menu.   It is not because of portion size, but because his tastebuds have matured beyond chicken tenders and American grilled cheese. There is one exception to this light fare. Pancakes. You put pancakes in front of my boys and they eat. Reid(8) is a pancake eating machine. When we make them at home, we have to get a head start on the reserve stack.   Even with a large griddle, there is no keeping the demand in sync with the supply. When we eat out, don’t even THINK of ordering the kid menu stack.   It will be gone split seconds after table arrival.   Even the adult portions are sometimes not enough. At Cracker Barrel one day, I ordered Reid the standard pancake stack which he polished off in a few minutes and asked for more.   Since I had barely started eating and I expected him to sit quietly until meal end, I ordered another stack which he quickly and completely consumed.   Those orders are NOT small. Reid’s pancake eating ability is legendary with the other two boys.   I think they are in awe. This morning we ate out and I explained to the waiter that we needed the portion to be large.   He nodded and explained how the kids’ meal was large.   I was firm in my request for a full size stack. At the end of the meal he voiced his surprise at how much Reid had eaten. Reid responded, “I am never full until the pancakes are gone.

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