Before I had kids, I would get stuck in public restrooms.

holly and ryan at carI would go in.

Use the facilities.

Stop and wash my hands…

Only to realize that there were no paper towels.

Only to realize that there was no escape without touching the exit handle with my newly washed hands.

At this point there was a decision to be made:

  • Open the door rendering the recent handwashing useless
  • Contort a piece of clothing to cover my hand and open the door and then go home and wash my clothes
  • Wait until someone opens the door and rescues me

I just couldn’t bring myself to choose the first option.

Summer attire in Texas often precludes using the second option.

Option three can take time {an unknown amount of time}.

And then I have always wondered if when that person FINALLY opens the door, sees me RIGHT there and then watches me RUSH out…if they realize what I am doing.

I had to learn to control my public restroom OCD when I had children.

I was so busy trying to keep their little bodies off the public restroom floor, that I didn’t have time/energy to worry about the exit crisis.


Because of this, I have always seen my home as a safe house from germs.   I am able to keep the bathrooms to a reasonable level of cleanliness that allows me not to be horrified by hands on door knobs or boys piled on the floor.

It is one of the reasons I appreciate the new Pledge ® Multi-Surface II Antibacterial Cleaner.   It gives me a way to kill germs {99.9% when used according to the directions} on surfaces that previously couldn’t be cleaned with an antibacterial product.

It keeps my house one step further from the horror in my mind caused by the public restroom.

Pledge Logo for June Cleaver NirvanaI am working with Pledge ® to promote the new Pledge ® Multi-Surface II Antibacterial Cleaner.   They are sponsoring my blog and paid me for my video participation.   They even sent me some Pledge ® Multi-Surface Antibacterial Cleaner.  

The opinions expressed are my own.

Thanks so much Pledge ®!

Welcome to Kids Activities!

My name is Holly Homer & I am the Dallas mom of three boys…

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  1. oh yes… i’ve been there… “don’t touch that.” “hands on your tummy.” i’m a bit of a germaphobe. when we get home from trips where we sit on anything (restaraunts, etc) we change clothes…especially if you want to sit on the couch…

  2. I’m the same way about public bathroom door handles! Kids do change your perspective though. Why worry about how to get out of the Wal-Mart bathroom without touching the handle when my daughter just LICKED their bathroom floor? Ewww!