The kinda sorta not-really potluck


I am back, but a bit bored of potluck.
In fact, a potluck sounds really gross right now.

Let’s forget potluck entirely and just go get some coffee and donuts.


Wow. I am feeling better already.

You know what would make this even better?



No, not fake bacon!
Side note: This is really weird because we actually have facon at our house in the form of Stripples-you know the stuff that baco-bits is made out of, but that is not what Rhett is eating. He is actually chewing on really fake bacon. Really fake plastic bacon. Don’t ask about the hat. Not sure about that. But obviously I don’t understand the wardrobe choices of people who eat really fake bacon.

And now I would like to take a nap on a hammock in 75 degree, light breeze with partial shade.

Very nice. Side note: They just don’t make hammocks like they used to. Remember part of the thrill of the hammock was the likelihood that you would end up on the ground with little warning? Well, now there are safety straps that prevent capsizing. Sleeping in a hammock with safety straps is for sissies.

And now for a little story called my son may be Dr. Suess reincarnated:

Rhett(3) has had issues about not wanting to leave the table for anything while he is eating. Even if..*ahem*…he has to pee. The other morning I insisted that he go ASAP due to my dislike of mopping up puddles under his chair. As he hopped down from his stool he said…

I don’t want my milk to go old or my toast to be cold.–Rhett 4/27/09

I checked the date on the milk and assessed that he was at least 50% good to go.
The end.
And now for what I guarantee is the cutest photo you have seen all day.

In fact, I am offering a POTLUCK MONEY BACK guarantee if this in fact is NOT the cutest photo you have seen all day*…

*I was going to put a whole bunch of legal mumbo jumbo about how the MONEY BACK guarantee was non-binding and you had to jump through hoops (hula hoops) to get it, but as I look at it I am convinced that it is the cutest picture you will see all day and I stand behind my guarantee 100%.

Let’s enjoy a really pretty sunset together:

May I have my chainsaw handy for your future sunset viewing pleasure…


  1. Nap Warden says:

    I’m sorry…did you say anything after donuts? *drool*

  2. Forget the chainsaw girl, bring back the beavers!!

    And yes, it’s only midnight, but I’m pretty sure that will be the cutest picture I will see all day – no refund needed.

    Hmmm. Donuts.

  3. That is the cutest picture!

    and the sunset is beautiful……if you look past the letters, turn your head to the left, squint, ignore the branches, and bypass the arrow………yes, I see it now.

  4. Angie's Spot says:

    These companies have to suck the fun out of everything. Some of my best memories from childhood involved doing log rolls to the ground from my grandparents hammock while trying to enjoy an afternoon siesta.

  5. spinning in our own direction says:

    I’m so glad you are back from vacation and hope you didn’t work too hard. I thought last night Oh no what if holly is still on vacation tommorrow I will starve.. Glad you had some donuts ready.

  6. Angie Ledbetter says:

    The potluck really is topsy turvy…all upside down and all. 🙂

    Precious picture. And the kidlet one ain’t half bad either.

  7. MommyTime says:

    My favorite picture is the one in the hammock because it’s so funny. Though the one on the beach is pretty adorable — so it might still be the cutest one of the day.

    Also, you can feel free to stand $150% behind your MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, since I’m pretty sure I didn’t pay any money to read this post, so I don’t think you would owe me anything back even if I didn’t like that beach picture. 🙂

  8. the planet of janet says:

    mmmm…. donuts…

  9. Elaine A. says:

    How was your vacation? Glad you’re back. That is a cute picture. And now, I want Krispy Kreme.

  10. Glad to have you back.
    Do you make donut deliveries to WA state? That would be super…

  11. MamabearMills says:

    I bet my hubby would want a bowl of fake bacon on display in our casa. Kinda like a fake fruitbowl, but he would think bacon was way better! LMFAO

  12. Life with Kaishon says:

    That fake bacon is hilarious : ). You are right. That picture is pretty cute. I don’t know about the absolute cutest I have seen all day, but that’s only because I have been over at I heart faces and there are like a million ba jillion adorable pictures over there today! It’s always fun to come here and read your latest adventures!

  13. Matt @ The Church of No People says:

    I’ll agree, hammocks are much more thrilling with the threat of sudden injury, a thrill that ‘training wheel’ hammocks just can’t provide…just like how bacon provides the thrilling possibility of a sudden heart attack that plastic bacon can’t provide!

  14. jill jill bo bill says:

    I think we need to invent bacon donuts. The end.

  15. Jennifer H says:

    I knew that Stripple didn’t look right. And I KNOW from Stripples.

    Yes, cutest picture definitely. And also, I’m wondering if you can get some cash from Theodor Geisel’s estate. Worth looking into.

  16. stephanie (bad mom) says:

    A pox on fake bacon & sissy hammocks…But that is indeed the cutest pic I've seen all day. Well done.

  17. Great to have you back. Especially all silly and slap happy like. 🙂 Yes, cutest picture today!

  18. Manic Mommy says:

    Bacon makes everything better. Rhett’s clearly in the know, being a pilot/sea captain/Russian military-guy and all.

  19. Did you know there is a product called Baconnaise that combines bacon and mayonnaise (and maybe heart seizures)?

    Rhett’s statement reminds me of my grandson who must have too many battery operated things in his life. He told his mom he needed new batteries when he couldn’t go on the toilet.

  20. Bacon! Bacon! There’s no Bacon coming near this mouth! Indeed.

    That was the absolutely most beautiful looking sunset through words, arrows and little circles with slashes through them, that I have ever seen. Hands down!

    That was the cutest photo that I have seen all day, and it’s nearing midnight, so it WILL be the last photo I remember from today, well except for that freaking awesome sunset through word, arrows and circles with slashes through them, which isn’t really cute, just AWESOME! Even if “the sun has already gone down behing the trees.”

    Ignore my crankiness, I be tired and have to get up in four hours, so I should leave now.


  21. Threeundertwo says:

    I’m worried about your coccyx. And your fruit bowl. This potluck is very disorienting.

  22. We should have a real live potluck soon to see if you can get your potluck groove back. I will bring the bacon.

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