without a point

There are boys who are literal.

reid and monster eBlack and white.

No grey.   No off-white.   No light-black.

I have two of those.

If you lay out a plan with charts/graphs and have covered all possible options in your presentation, you will have their support.


And then there is Reid(8).

Oh how I just want to hug his spontaneous spirit.

Details, facts and plans are stumbling blocks in his world.

He tunes out the rest of us on a regular basis.

Come to a consensus and then just give him a call!

Most of the time he is happy with the result and if he isn’t, he pouts for 10 minutes and then throws himself into whatever he DID NOT want to do.

I am jealous of his lack of life neatness.

He doesn’t require that his day be delivered in a tidy package.

There doesn’t need to be a point.

When my husband and I were shopping prior to Christmas, we came across a stuffed dragon/snake.   We both looked at each other and said, REID.

It just looked like him.

When he opened it, he declared it to be the best gift.   ever.   Despite the fact that a shiny new bicycle was sitting beside it.

It has been his constant companion through the holiday break.

He named it:   Monster E.

Not Monstery.

Monster with a capital E after it.


No one knows and he doesn’t care to explain it {frankly, there probably is none}.

It has no point.

Which is the genius of Reid.

I want to have moments without a point.

Which is the point of this.

I can’t do it.

I just tied this story up with a little bow…undermining the fact that I didn’t want to make a point.

See, I just did it again.


  1. My son is a little bit like this. He recently spent his birthday money on a reclaimed junk-metal sculpture of a wizard that he named Zarzzie. He’s the only 7-yr-old I know who would buy big, heavy art for his bed-side table instead of a Nerf gun or some such. I LOVE it when our kids surprise us. Enjoy every minute of it!

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