Being a mom can be a complete juggling act.  You have all these things in the air at the same time and when the stars are aligned, things go well.

The trouble comes in when something happens that causes a quick imbalance.  It doesn’t have to be anything big!  In fact, most often the things that trip up our day might seem small to those on the outside.

Spilled milk and 50 other things that can ruin a day

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Overwhelmed - Kids Activities Blog

50 Parenting Moments that Can Cause Imbalance in a Day

In honor of Smoothie King’s Find My Balance message, we asked our FB community what little things have derailed their day in the past.  I found it amazing how many of these things I was nodding while reading!  It just goes to show that even though we may live in different places and have different families, moms share a common experience!

  1. When my kids wake up, and start arguing within 5 minutes. Generally sets the tone for the whole day! – Crystal
  2. Baby deciding to take a massive poop right when you finally had the kids loaded up and almost out the door! Never mind that you just changed her five minutes beforehand! – Dawn
  3. If kids fall asleep in the car before it’s nap time. – Bethany
  4. I’ve created an early morning routine of cleaning stray dishes from the night before, sweeping/vacuuming, dealing with recycling etc. All before the kids get up. Then I have my breakfast and coffee while I wait for the rest of the house to wake up. Shower when baby takes his morning nap. If I skip this routine I find its impossible to catch back up. My house is a mess, I’m a mess, and my evening is shot cause I’ll be doing double duty to catch up before bed. I prefer to give my daytime hours to the kids. It’s worth getting up at 6:30 am to get all of the chores out of the way first thing. – Lindsay
  5. When my daughter who’s in the middle of being potty trained poops on the floor and not her potty. – Danielle
  6. When more than 1 or 2 of the children come to me with crying, whining and screaming at the same time. I feel very overwhelmed with a tornado of voices directed at me. – Tina
  7. Drop in visitors…. When you are trying to establish a routine. – Emma
  8. The biggest struggle is when the sleeping schedule gets messed up-whether it be at night or the naps. When they don’t get enough sleep, things tend to spiral from there. – Tracy
  9. When my daughter refuses to nap it makes for an off day. It’s hard to plan play dates and run errands when things aren’t consistent. Then I look up and it’s the end of the day and I feel like I got nothing accomplished. – Rileigh
  10. Poosplosions! – Corinne
  11. Big one is when my husband wakes up on the wrong side of the bed or is stressed before work. It effects me big time. Once I’m stressed from him it takes a while to get over and I haven’t developed skills to help me yet. I need to figure that out for sure. He’s very stressed lately. – R
  12. Not having anything thawed or prepared for dinner on hectic days. – Becca
  13. The worst are mondays being I have no help on weekends with household chores so it builds up then i feel there is so much to b done monday. Wish i could just enjoy a clean free day & focus on my littles. Once my day derails it usually doesnt get back on track and can last a couple days. – Leanne
  14. Forgetting the raincoat and umbrella on a wet weather day. It’s winter in Australia. – Julie
  15. when the kids usually wake at 7 but for some unknown reason get up at 5:45 and whine all day long. I am up all night with a baby so it is hard to not let the grumpiness out when I am beyond exhausted and fall asleep standing up. – Kristen
  16. Biggest derailment for me is when my aspie son has a mega meltdown. Everything stops until the crisis is over. And the crisis can range from not having what he wants for breakfast to having to change clothes. I’ve learned to choose my battles. – D
  17. Sitting down to relax derails my entire day! – Mary
  18. Migraines, if one or all the kids get sick, if the kids are fussy right from breakfast time, running behind because of silly things like a left shoe is missing, or someone left homework on the table and we have to head back home. – Kristine
  19. My daughters are 6 and 4. My girls want a snack. Or they start fighting over a toy. Then in between trying to get things picked up, put away, wiped down and sanitized, an even bigger mess appears some where out of the blue so I have to clean up an obstacle to continue doing what I was doing. Getting a phone call because someone needs help with something. My list is never ending. – Ashley
  20. Having a partner going onto night shifts and having to sleep all day….or a kid being sick and having to do copious amounts of de-bugging and washing as well as the normal days stuff!! – Sophie
  21. When we’ve got an activity planned (like his swimming lesson which he LOVES) that he absolutely refuses to leave the house for. Then 4 hours later he wants to go to it…..he’s 3.5 now so I’m hoping soon he’ll properly get the “we go now or you’ll miss it” idea. – Steph
  22. Whining or refusing to eat the breakfast they just asked for. So frustrating. – Benand
  23. No quiet time ALONE!  – Melinda
  25. Waiting for a repair person to come or a doctor who is running really late…. Both very annoying things. – Emily
  26. Feeling overwhelmed. – LeighAnn
  27. I am a crafter and have dozens of trays full of thousands of beads. Nothing derails my day quicker than dropping an open tray while I am cleaning up. It’s enough to bring tears to my eyes, and has… – Hilary
  28. Stress in general, it filters to the kids and then it seems the glass is half empty not half full. – Maureen
  29. When kids  nap late in the day. – Tammi
  30. The younger child asking me a question and the older one answering for me before I can get a word out. She also usually answers the opposite of what I would say or at least says it in a mean way, starting a fight. – Mindiana
  31. Constant power struggles with my 3.5 yr old daughter. – Tanya
  32. Mommy not getting to eat breakfast…or lunch…or coffee. – Susan
  33. My kids being oblivious to their surroundings while we are running errands. Drives me nuts. I usually go home. – Trisha
  34. Did I mention gum in the hair….5 minutes before leaving for church. – Wendy
  35. Tantrums! – Tegan
  36. For me today it was driving for 45 min around and around looking for parking to get the kids haircut. I gave up and went to the playground! But really got annoyed for awhile they are shaggy! – Amanda
  37. A sick child that vomits over all their clean bed things and clothes.  – Belinda
  38. Leaving my phone at home. – Kelly
  39. If my son misplaces his favorite stuffed animal, all bets are off. Even if I find it, his paranoia over losing it again makes the rest of the day a train wreck. He may even wake from sound sleep the next night, with nightmares over its loss. – Elspeth
  40. The dogs barking and waking my youngest. – Destiny
  41. Teething cranky baby!!! – AnnCher
  42. Scheduling to much in one day. – Kathy
  43. My children’s lack of attention span derails me! – Tara
  44. One things we’ve all experienced is the “act” of getting ready to go somewhere with the kidlets and forgetting something; dippy cup, diaper bag, shoe, special toy, Paci, etc. – Cindy
  45. I’m not too strict about my kids schedule, I mean we have a routine, but if they don’t get to eat lunch by noon and take a nap afterwards, it irritates me like nothing else. – Stephanie
  46. My health. – Jennifer
  47. Just had it happen to me! I got my boys dressed and headed towards the door so we could go to the Children’s Museum when my youngest suddenly pukes. Now he is just fine and I have no idea if it was a fluke (which happens with him occasionally) and we should still go. – Jessie
  48. If one of the kids falls asleep that can affect our day cuz I hate waking them up…sorry we’ll be late. – Alison
  49. I find out that I forgot to do something important.  Not only am I now behind, but then feel the guilt of forgetting. – Holly
  50. When the dog doesn’t get let out like she should. – Rene


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