I’m in the kitchen and I can’t get out!

This week Bianca and I tackled Chef Cat Cora's 21 meal menu with the goal of staying under $150 for home cooked meals as seen on the Oprah show. This is day 6 of our journey.

So let's see what is for breakfast!

Potato Frittata

And here is where I yell Please Chef Cora have mercy on my outside-the-kitchen-loving soul !

Potato Frittata

Bianca started this recipe at 7 am. We did not pre-cook the potatoes so she was starting from the very beginning.

After much frustration, a few mild curse words whispered under our breaths and 2 hours later ¦TWO HOURS LATER ¦the frittata didn't stay together and she ended up scrambling it to get it cooked through so we could eat.

We finished in the kitchen this morning at 9:30. That is 2 1/2 hours from start to finish. It was very discouraging and quite unacceptable.

At this point we don't even care what it tastes like because we are hungry, grumpy and have low blood sugar and the boys are LONG GONE from the kitchen table ¦like 2 hours LONG GONE ¦in fact they are back looking for a mid-morning snack.

For the rest of this cooking story gone very awry click here to finish at Burb Mom…

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