I hate cord clutter. cord management problemI mean I absolutely HATE cord clutter. Did I mention I hate cord clutter? My husband won’t let me touch the kajillion {not exaggerating} power cords, computer cords and the other cords that I don’t understand, but seem to be necessary in his office. BUT the rest of the house is mine and that means that the cords HAVE to be controlled. I found something recently that I LOVE…Bluelounge Design Cablebox Mini. cord management systemI picked it up at the Container Store, but found them on Amazon as well {and have linked those locations throughout this post}. The CableBox is a plastic box with openings on both ends for cords to enter and exit.   It also includes a power strip that fits in the bottom of the box. I bought a lime green one for the homeschool room computer.   The picture at the top of this post is the mess that WAS the cords under the desk.   And here is the after… cord controlFor this situation, I placed the Lime Green Cablebox on the desk behind the computer next to the printer.   All the cords that communicate between the computer, printer and outlet are contained neatly in the box. Let’s fix the mess under the TV cabinet! messy cords under the tvFor this situation, I used a black CableBox and set it on the floor. controlled cords under tvWhich makes the mess just GO AWAY. Love.

finished cords under the tvSee, it just disappears.

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  1. Thanks for the tip..that is awesome! I, too, suffer from out-of-control cords almost in every room with all the technology we have going in this house! Thanks so much for sharing.