It happened about two weeks ago. We bought a big bag of brown bananas from the store (banana bread!!!)… the next morning… FRUIT FLIES! They were everywhere and they kept multiplying. If we had less than a hundred flies in our kitchen I would be amazed.  It was nasty. We tried vinegar with a drop of dish soap. We tried a bottle of soda barely popped open. The kids had fun coming up with new and novel ways to try and get rid of our flies.   Eventually, my daughter came up with this: It works!! diy fruit fly trap 5

DIY Fruit Fly Trap

We put all the fruit that we usually keep out on the counter into the fridge. We wiped down all the surfaces. Then we got rid of standing water (i.e. no soaking pans from the burned dinner, no unattended glasses of water)… and we made a half dozen of these. A day or so later and several “dumpings” of the flies that the traps caught and we are once again free of flies!

diy fruit fly trap collage How to Make a Fruit Fly Trap

We got fruit, strawberries, and cut them up. Put them into the bottom of our cups. We then covered the cup with plastic wrap. Poke a hole into the top. Don’t worry, the flies *will* find a way inside. Thank you Anya for this great kid-solution. Your experiment worked marvelously! This activity is part of our series on House Hacks – you will find all the tips that help a a houseful of kids run smoothly in that post – a must read!

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