Why most comedians are men

I grew up a girl.

Then I was an adult…girl.

And for the most part, boys and men behaved well around me because I was a girl.

And then I had boys.

Lots of boys. Three if you are keeping track at home.

What I have found is that I have lived my whole life without knowing the secret to comedy.

The laugh sweet spot.

The key to the funny bone.

Through careful observation and extensive male research I have found that boys are born with this knowledge. Some keep it to themselves behind smiles, while others share it freely with belly laughs.

My boys feel the need to share it freely.

Freely as in all the time.

All the time as in even when their loving mother threatens them within an inch of their life.

But the comedy can not stop even for time-outs and spankings.

The show must go on.

What is this funny secret that lies on the Y chromosome?

Any word can be made into a hilarious joke by adding the word butt.*

Go on.
Try it.

*There also seems to be bonus comedy karma points awarded if you can orchestrate the delivery of the side-splitting lines by someone age 3 and under.

Which explains why Rhett(3) runs through the house screaming “butt train!” to the utter delight of his brothers who are literally rolling on the floor with laughter.


And as Rhett passes his loving mother on his noisy ministry of comedy all she can do is stifle giggles behind empty threats in the hope that this show stays at home and never goes on the road.


  1. Totally a boy thing.

    For girls (at least my ladylike princesses),the laughter doesn’t stop with burping and flatulence. Wouldn’t it be better to see boys behaving in such a manner?

  2. the mama bird diaries says:

    In my house of girls, it’s “poopy.” The answer to every question is “poopy” and then they just roll with laughter.

  3. Valarie Lea says:

    I have just the one boy and the two girls, but the comedy is rampant here also 🙂

    So are we having a problem keeping up with the crocs again?????

  4. My son is all about making you smile. No matter how much trouble he gets into, he figures that he can buy his way out of it with a great big smile as if to say, “Aw Mom, you’re not REALLY angry with me, are you?”… Boys have laughter, girls use tears; my daughter is 10, and would~at 2 and even now at 10~ always cry in vehement apology to get out of trouble. Honestly, I’m still not sure which one’s better.

  5. Manic Mommy says:

    or the word poop! High comedy indeed. The terrifying part is that their male parent *gets it*

  6. the planet of janet says:

    i’m totally a boy, then.

    because i think the word butt is HILARIOUS.

  7. The Dental Maven says:

    You’re RIGHT!! I tried it and it works!

  8. WeaselMomma says:

    When my kids do this is exactly when I want to send them ‘on the road’!

  9. frazzledlashawn.com says:

    My four boys are ALL comedians….it is one big laugh riot. Especially if they can say the word BALLS loud enough.

    I don’t know…

  10. I’ll have you know at my house we have graduated to ass. very funny.

  11. MommyTime says:

    I’m going to let you in on a little secret: if your nearly-three-year-old daughter has a big brother, from whom she learns the mysterious principle of butt hilarity, the jokes may be even funnier. Somehow, when the butt jokes come from a sweet little girl face capped with tiny braids, even five year olds get cracked up by the apparent contradiction.

  12. Butt train is HILARIOUS…and yeah….the boys have me trained well.

  13. lol…this is hilarious

  14. You Are Not Alone. Butt jokes reign supreme over here at the Jubilant household. My five year old daughter is the most frequent offender (so to speak), but she got it from her brothers, I am sure of it.

  15. Headless Mom says:

    Yes, boys are great butt joke people. I should know, I live with 3 of them. Only 2 of are of the small variety.

  16. Jenn @ Juggling Life says:

    Let me warn you that one day, in the not to distant future, they will replace the word “butt” with the word “dick.” Now they will understand that they shouldn’t say it in FRONT of you, but you may need to remind them that you can actually hear things said in the pool table room when you are in the living room. I’m just sayin’!

  17. Butt rubber is the new inside joke for my husband and me. I can’t even explain how it came about and it is not as dirty as it sounds. But all we have to do is text it to each other and laughs are guaranteed.

  18. Marci @Finding Joy in the Journey says:

    Ok, I guess because I grew up with two brothers, married one large boy, and then after 7 years with just one little girl was blessed with two darling boys, I found “butt train” so funny I almost rolled off my char.

    Now we are just on the verge of buttdom here. My boys(1 and 3) love “booty” or “boooooeeeeey!! as my 1 year old says. They use this word kind of like “Smurf”. Verb, Noun, Adjective, Adverb. There is nothing that can’t be described with a little booty. Just last night, for example, “Hey mom! I don’t like spaghetti, it tastes like booty! It has booty sauce on it! I’m not eating this booty!” The one year old fell off his chair laughing. the three year old had a lecture and toast for dinner…

    Boy I can’t wait till we upgrade to ass, my husband will get a kick out of that!

  19. Jenni Jiggety says:

    At my house, fart rivals butt for top comedic spot.

  20. Elaine A. says:

    Okay, butt train is pretty funny, you have to admit. The key comedy word around here is “fart.” Yep. That’s the one!

  21. Tiffany Anne says:

    I second the others who have named “poop” as the comedy word. I’m a nanny of a five year old boy who loves to add the word “poop” to everything to make it funny. (To the giggles of the other little people in the house.)

    I was seated in the living room with my dad, brother and boyfriend and this came up in conversation. They all thought it was hilarious! Guess it never ends!

  22. Threeboys1mommy says:

    I have a feeling that butt train won’t be as funny when he’s 30 and still living at home 😉

  23. Melissa R says:

    In my house butt is a huge crowd pleaser as well, but poop, or poopie, well, the crowd does wild!

    My mother and 6 yr old son have a running joke for saying good bye to each other. “Fart thee well”.

    I highly recommend this article from Wondertime about why kids love poop talk

  24. Halftime Lessons says:

    So, I learned something about you last night I didn’t know…

    You are fun.


    Woke up thinking that all those people will probably be posting about it today…any urge to throw up a mr linky to collect the posts?


  25. stephanie (bad mom) says:

    In a moment of poor judgment, I mentioned to my kids how amusing it would be to fill in a Mad Lib with just the word ‘butt.’

    FYI, it’s only hilarious the first 38 times. At least to me, a girl.

  26. What the butt? We guys do love a good bit of potty humor. I had an entire post called “The Great Butt Rap-Off” that started with me talking about this poor girl who was a pirates dream, you know, Sunken Booty! The girl had no butt. When the Wheel of Butt was spun up in heaven it landed on BANKRUPT! Say it with me, “Wheel. Of. Butt!” I know it would be a fun game show. If you are bored then you can read some of the butt raps here.

  27. Tubo Family says:

    My crew has decided to not limit themselves to just one word, it’s poop, butt or fart. All three (note I have two sons so who could the third be?) of them, including the 1 1/2 yo, can fall over laughing at their own hilarity no matter how unimpressed or even disapproving I act.

  28. Reluctant Housewife says:

    OMG. I know. I KNOW.

    I hear the word butt every 5 seconds or so around here. Did you see the video of my kids singing Frere Jacques? My 4 year old: “Frere Jacques, frere Jacques, Dormer butt! (pause for laughter while his brother covers his mouth and tries to go on with the song) Sonnez les matina! ding dang butt (followed by enormous belly laugh).” Yes.

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