Textured coloring  elevates a simple coloring sheet to a whole new level.

Grab a coloring sheet like these 4 Funky Monsters, owls, ice cream  or any other Kids Activities Blog coloring sheet. There are so many to choose from, and you will probably want to browse a bit.

Textured Coloring-3

You can also use a page from any of your own coloring books or let your kids design their own artwork to color with texture.

Who says that the simple act of coloring with crayons or colored pencils needs to always look the same? Using texture in coloring really teaches your kids an important element of art. This activity is really appropriate for kids of a variety of ages and is like this  crayon wax rubbing    but adds a bit of design.

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 Materials Needed For Textured Coloring

~ Crayons or Colored Pencil

~ Coloring Sheets

~ A Variety of Textures to Place under Paper

textured coloring craft

Instructions for Textured Coloring:

Adding texture to coloring is simple. First, you want to collect a variety of textures.

To create our textures, we used burlap, a sifter, the wall, a basket, bacon grease shield, fondant plastic textured mats, leaves, woven placemats, the edge of a plastic plate, tile samples, and sandpaper.

textured coloring kab final square

Use your imagination as you wander around your house looking for ideas. The technique is simple. Color different sections of the coloring sheet with different textures underneath. Kids will love experimenting with the different textures they can find. The  fondant textured mats  (affiliate link)  were the easiest to use and gave the most variety. This textured coloring activity is fun, easy and a great learning experience appropriate for kids of all ages.

textured coloring craft kids activites blog

Are you ready to get out the crayons and start coloring yet?

This textured coloring activity will add new life to your coloring books or printable coloring sheets!

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