new normal

Summer ends today and so does life as normal.

Boy age 5 smilingLife as normal for over 10 years has included kid(s) under my supervision 24/7.

When we registered Rhett for Kindergarten last year, it dawned on me that 3 days a week* I would be FREE.

*I partially homeschool.   The kids go to school on MWF and on TTh the education is up to me.


Free to run to Target without stopping by the toy aisle.

Free to take a phone call without pre-answering shushing.

Free to pee alone.

Glory, glory…hallelujah.

I have spent hours dreaming of completed to-do lists, world record breaking efficiency and a house with Legos contained to one room.

Tonight I am standing on the edge of the promised land.

The backpacks are packed.

The uniforms laid out.

Thoughts of quiet conference calls dance in my head.

I will clean my closet!

I will make dinner!

I will blog!

Oh, what a day tomorrow will be!

Tomorrow, in the quiet of the morning, I think I will search for an exercise class.   Probably group yoga where I can stop by clad in yoga attire after dropping the kids off at school.   I will be so physically fit.

Tomorrow, in the quiet of the morning, I think I will make a schedule.   Probably something I can sync with my computer and phone allowing me access to information from anywhere I decide to roam unencumbered.   I will be so organized.

Tomorrow, in the quiet of the morning, I think I will think of something fun to do.   Probably something I haven’t done in awhile and I will look down to see if Rhett wants to go with me, but he won’t be there.

I will be so lonely.


  1. I’m sending my 4th off to kindergarten tomorrow. Obviously I have done this three times already. And I’ll still have two at home. But something about sending this one to school is killing me! He has been my buddy for so long and I just can’t imagine my day without him. But he can’t wait and is so ready.

  2. aww, this is so sweet. And I so understand the wonderful expectations of what you can fill your time with! All that can get done…and then the sadness of little time being over. I am already planning for 2 years from now. HUGS.

  3. Wow! Time flies! I still remembervwhen he was 10 months old and drinking bottles…seems like just last week. I’m excited for him though, I know he’s gonna have a blast 🙂

  4. I can’t even imagine. We’re 4 years behind you, so I have time to prepare myself by living vicariously through you.

    I want to say it will be SO awesome, but I totally understand where you’re coming from. xo

  5. It is going to be hard for me next Tuesday when JDaniel starts preschool. I will be missing my shadow.

  6. The loneliness takes awhile to kick in for me. Usually until November. It takes me from mid-Aug to early Nov to get caught up with everything that needed done & didn’t get done over the summer. Once I get through my to do list though the house is too quiet.

    Fortunately Thanksgiving break occurs not long after.

  7. We should do lunch Friday. Without kids. Perfect, its a date.

  8. EXACTLY!!!!

    Gen started school last week after homeschooling full time for 3 years. While I, theoretically, have so much time on my hands and- as you’ve said- so much freedom, It’s so quiet and lonely…

  9. You are going to miss that little sweetie — but it is so worth it! Congratulations and have a wonderful day!

  10. Is it time to pick them up yet?



  11. Yes – I had these dreams once. Exercising twice a week, clean house, getting together with girl friends during the day for some random activity like book club, golf or bowling….. it is years later now with Mason in 3rd grade this year and none of it has been done. The days look more like PTA stuff at school, shopping for skinny jeans and hair gel for my almost tween (he’s a boy – he shouldn’t be worrying about his hair!), setting up orthodontist appointments and the list goes on and on…..

    These dreams were like swimming lessons when the kids were little when by some act of God their classes were at the same time – my vision was of my kids happily in their classes and me sitting on the side taking a few pictures and reading magazines. The entire 3 months there was always one kid refusing to get in the pool, crying about something, or having to go to the bathroom….. my magazines were unread and soggy…..

    On the up side, it’s been a long time since I’ve been thrown up on and it is easier to deal with life on a full night of sleep. I guess I did get my nails done last week…… and my cleaning lady had the house clean for at least 15 minutes before it was wrecked again…… maybe this is the year it will all start coming together….. keep the dream alive…..

  12. This made me weep. It will be hard, but then they’ll come home, eyes wide with the excitement of stories filled with triumph and wonder.

  13. I love that all my kids are in school–but it can be lonely at first. Don’t worry…you will enjoy peeing alone more than you hate the loneliness soon!!

  14. Happy Campers says:


  15. LOVE this post. I am a few years behind you. I so enjoy being home with my kids but love it when I have a day all to myself!! I can’t imagine how I’ll feel when they are in school {I imagine a little happy and a little sad!}

    Not sure where you live but thought I’d give a plug for my gym- Power Play Fitness at Preston and Campbell. LOVE the people there. Great classes- spin, yoga, etc..

  16. it will take a bit of time to get use to, those first days wondering what to do with yourself, even though you have a long list of ‘todo’s. Then as time goes on you wonder how you managed to fit in the time to do all that you currently have to do. Best of all, enjoy each and every day, stay blessed, Amanda

  17. Enjoy your new-found freedom, rather than focusing on the loneliness! And I didn’t realize that partially homeschooling was an option. How did you find out about that, and is your school district flexible about it?

  18. The *Lego* toy aisle at Target, right? We schedule in extra time for it.

    I love this post, it strikes a chord.

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