It is SUPER MONDAY – potluck

Monday is so underrated.

Poor Monday.

There is Super bowl Sunday and Super Tuesday and Monday just gets skipped.
Poor Monday.

So, in an effort to boost Monday’s reputation I am throwing all the marketing wizardry of Texasholly behind a Super Monday campaign.
Tuesday through Sunday are shaking in their boots.

Happy Super Monday!

Is that it?
The whole marketing campaign?
That was super lame.

Sometimes I feel like people Google stuff when they need to talk to someone. I am so relieved that they end up here…I have an impractical couch that they can virtually sit down and relax.

Here are a few of the conversation starters that had visitors Nirvana bound:

“I got glasses”
“Let me show you how I feel” – this person shows up WEEKLYout yourself!
“What was June Cleaver wearing?”
“What does nirvana look like?”
“I was vacuuming and singing”
“lingon berry jam causes heartburn”
“Let’s go to the zoo aquium”
“I want to make animated raindrops on a picture”
“Help, I am addicted to punctuation”
“What colors go with an orange couch?”
“Can cheese hurt your butt?”
“All of my three toilets are clogged on alternating days”

Welcome. Please make yourself at home.

Oh, and if you are the visitor that keeps Googling various Hannah Montana body parts…give it up! I don’t post that crap here…

What is up with Holly’s coccyx?

I think the skiing was good! I am feeling better.

Let’s find out who is Peep of the Week!

In response to the new Peep(s) of the Week being featured in the right sidebar:

Oh man, who can I bribe to become peep of the week? Srsly.
I’m off to stumble every one of your posts ever written. . .

1. Are you sure he wasn’t some bizarre form of Hollywood hybrid? Half Kelsey Grammer, half Fred Thompson, fueled by caffeine.
2. Maybe you should change your name to Hollywood Holly.
[Please note that I posted my last comment, left for about 25 minutes and then came back with this one. Does persistence count when it comes to Peek of the Week? Because I could do this all day. Except that I don’t really have time to do this all day, but you get the idea.] 3. PeeP of the Week! Not PeeK of the week! That’s just creepy!
Leaving now…
– FranticallySimple

For your bribery and persistence, ThreeUnderTwo and FranticallySimple are co – Peeps!

And now for a new feature!
*a little hooting*
*one raise the roof motion*

Number of days Holly’s suitcase remains unpacked – 8

*Marcy “don’t mock the prepared girl” just fainted*

What is in Holly’s fruit bowl?

The exact same thing as last week…only it appears slightly darker and softer.

May your day be super


  1. Angie Ledbetter says:

    Super Duper week to you too.

  2. Threeundertwo says:

    PEEP OF THE WEEK! Wheeeeee! This is my second time! You like me! You really like me!

    This is a Super Monday indeed.

  3. Weaselmomma says:

    Your Super Monday campaign would be more successful if you changed it to Super Mamosa Mondays! That would get me on board.

  4. Jennifer H says:

    I feel like I should say super a few times. And maybe ALL DAY LONG. Awesome.

    Awesome peeps!

  5. ValarieLea says:

    Seriously “Can cheese hurt your butt?”, who are these people??!??!?!?!

  6. See, your Monday is my Friday… in my mind (which is a bit scary) Mondays are always Super! Your Fridays on the other hand for me are my Mondays and are not so great!
    I love coming here and getting a laugh every Monday.
    I wrote a Monday Stew on my site and I think you’ll like the ice skating story!

  7. Domestic Goddess (In Training) says:

    I love the post… but I still hate Mondays. Sorry.

  8. MoziEsmé says:

    Yes, cheese can definitely hurt your butt. Not saying how I know…

    You got a long way to the unpacked suitcase record, just in case you were wondering…

    Though if there’s food in there, you’d better hurry up before you start munching on your toast…

  9. franticallysimple says:

    Monday is so super it should start wearing a cape and tights.
    Thanks for making me Peep of the Week and not Peek of the Week. Because that would just be wrong.

  10. I have no idea what Super Tuesday is. Does that make me dubm?

    (Ha, I almost corrected the spelling, but it was just too ironic to fix.)

  11. the planet of janet says:

    i think potluck mondays are ALWAYS super.

  12. the mama bird diaries says:

    I am so glad you are finally giving monday the attention it deserves.

  13. I LOVE the new potluck feature, makes me feel all the better for not unpacking!

  14. franticallysimple says:

    Speaking of perseverance, why is my blog not featured in the sidebar, hmmmm?
    I even posted today.

  15. Geez! When did Monday get here! I wasn’t ready and now I’ll have to wait until next week when I’ll be more prepared for it.

  16. Jenni Jiggety says:

    My day WAS super…now it is practically Tuesday!

  17. So what helped your coccyx? The skiing, or the flying 25 feet through the air? 🙂

    Are you reading About the Author? If not, you should, I mean he mentions his coccyx, not once, but twice! Amazing, but true!

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