Let’s get messy!  These activities look like so much fun and your kids will love making a mess without getting in trouble. Everyone loves the chance to be a fun parent now and again, so if you’re looking for something fun to do this weekend, maybe consider getting a little messy with these kids  inspired by In The Playroom. 10 Fun Ideas for Messy Play

10 Fun Ideas for Messy Play

  1.  Oilcloth is a really great thing to have around specifically for messy play.  You can get really creative with this and paint on it, play with shaving cream, water.  Anything goes! 2.  Let them drive their toys cars and trucks through paint and onto paper for some cool looking art. 3.  Moon dough is a fun medium to play with and explore new textures.  It’s fun to create and get messy with! 4.  Paint on a canvas by using old marbles or balls.  Place paint and a canvas inside a box and roll the balls around to paint. 5.  Make a squishy sensory bin to explore by adding GelliBaff powder to water.  This is fun for all age groups. 7.  Do your kids love Finding Nemo?  If so, they’ll love this Nemo water play idea.  You can also add in any other items from the sea! 8.  Create a rice sensory bin that they can dig in.  Let them come up with things they want to add in and turn a simple bin of rice into something amazing. 9.  Let them in the kitchen and make their very own playdough.  This is the perfect messy activity because it’s edible, meaning they can lick the mess right off their hands! 10.  Bring out your inner artist and create something with paper mache like a bowl or a mask.

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  1. Poor kids of all ages fun…Get a big bowl, mix water & corn starch in it, put your hands in & have fun. Try adding a bit of food coloring 😀