Wow it seems like a year since the last potluck.

Yeah for Monday (although Ryan isn’t returning to school until Wednesday so really it is Yeah for Wednesday)!

Today I am serving up waffles like there is no tomorrow. You can find my world famous waffle recipe over at Burbmom. Mmmmm.

I went over to my Analytics to find that someone Googled, “The greatest blog in the entire world and the Northern parts of heaven. Amen.” and ended up here.

Well, actually I went over to Analytics to find that NO ONE had visited me for 2 weeks…I forgot to re-install it into my fancy new template. I should have more valid information next week.

It appears that 2008 was the Year of the Chicken:

I know! I know! I am sad too…

What is up with Holly’s coccyx?

Not too much.

Let’s find out who is Peep of the Week!

In response to my fabulous non-list New Year’s Resolution:

“My resolution is to be completely honest with my friends….So here goes…
This is the dumbest resolution I have ever heard of. Whew. I said it. I expect a list of your resolutions by the end of the day.”

For telling it like it is and scaring me into list-making, Shauna is Peep of the Week!

Even if the chicken is rare, the silliness is well-done:

What is in Holly’s fruit bowl?

Just two of the pears that weren’t ripe enough to eat last week.

May you slurp life through a Twizzler today…

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  1. Your blog layout change inspired me to change mine. I still don’t have all the code updated either. And it’s not as cute as yours.

    I feel like a little sister imitating a pro. . .