Transportation activities  are fun for kids of all ages.  There are so many fun ways to explore cars, trains, planes, ships and more!  Why just play with your toy models when you can build and craft your own?  Fun! This great round-up of transportation activities was inspired by the lovely, There’s Just One Mommy. transportation

13 {Clever} Transportation Activities

1.  Learn all about turbulence with this fun  airplane science  experiment. 2.  Create your very own helicopter using a recycled plastic bottle! 3.  Use diggers and dumpers to transport letters to spell words, practice counting and more! 4.  Make a rocket and watch it blast off!  The ingredients for this one is just a tea bag and a lighter. 5.  Make your own mini  parking garage  with manilla folders.  These are so much fun! 6.  Use cars to practice alphabet skills, work on sorting, and even to draw! 7.  Create an easy hot air balloon sun catcher with contact paper, tissue paper, and a little imagination. 8.  Got an empty tissue box?  Make your very own vehicles to give your stuffed animals a ride! 9.  Colored sand is a really fun art medium.  Use it to create your own  kayak. 10.  Easily make your own airplane runway which doubles as a math game! 11.  Play an ice cream scoop game and build your very own ice cream truck with a cardboard box. 12.  Here are several different learning activities revolving around your fire engines. 13.  Use a paper plate to make a ship just like the Mayflower!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing our collection of vehicle activities!

    Can’t wait to try your easy rocket from a tea bag experiment with both of my little ones!