Scrambling the letters of my nameZ man is using our letter cards to help him learn how to spell his name. He is also all boy. This is a fun game that we created to let him jump and learn at the same time! We play several different learning games with our Letter Cards, many of them are featured in our Activity-A-Day calendar. All you need is cardstock and a marker. The bigger the better! To help the cards not slide, we glued a small strip of drawer liner to the back of them. This means that the kids can jump onto the cards and they won’t slide away. Do you have carpet? Let me know if you have a solution that works on carpet. .

Games we play with our letter cards:Jumping on name letters

  • Scramble and Unscramble. You give your child the letters they need to create the word and they have to put them into the correct order.
  • Hopscotch. Make a hopscotch pattern with the letters and ask your child to jump/hop up to a certain letter.
  • Jumping. Tell your child a word and they have to jump to the letters in the order that the word would be spelled.
  • Word Hunt. Put a collection of letters on the floor and your child has to create as many words as they can from the cards they see.
. Do you play any “physical” learning games?   How do you encourage your boys to learn?   Tell me about it in the comments.

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  1. My boys like to sing. I’m glad to see that other mom’s of boys like to learn through singing. Maybe it’s the fact that they can be so LOUD when they sing!!

  2. I taught my baby brother to sing his name and address and phone number. I used flash cards with two of my children. The more colorful the better.

  3. I love the very physical side to this – definitely something my girls would enjoy, and would turn learning in to play.

  4. Really love this simple, educational game! My 3 year old is all about her name. She can’t write all the letters, but she would love to be able to spell it with these cards! I’m really enjoying your website!

  5. fun! how about putting all of the letters at the end of a hall and running down to get the one you tell them to or getting them in order to spell their name? We’ve done that before and cut out crocodiles and B had to jump over them to get to the pile of letters and then jump back. Just a heads up…wood floors aren’t the place to do this activity. =)