Healthy meal ideas aren’t hard to come by. What can be difficult though, is getting your kids to eat them.

By finding fun and creative ways to present the food, you just might get them so excited they’ll try it!

Going healthy is fun!
Going healthy is fun!

Creative and Healthy Meals For Kids

These amazing meals and snacks are deliciously healthy and a lot of fun. Thank you Kiddie Foodies  for inspiring this great round-up.

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1. Homemade Potato Gnocchi Recipe

Homemade potato gnocchi with mushrooms and ricotta that looks just like a zebra!

2. Fun Monkey-Shaped Meal

Here is a monkey-shaped meal  made of beef, kasha and green beans, topped with some gravy and served with a few cheese flowers.

3. Easy Veggie Skeleton Meal

Try new vegetables by creating a  veggie skeleton  and tasting all its parts!

4. Fun Giraffe Dessert Recipe

This yummy giraffe dessert is made of mango, yogurt and lots of dried fruits.

5. Delicious Couscous and Veggie Recipe

Try a delicious couscous and vegetables recipe presented as a camel in a desert. This healthy recipe will quickly disappear from kids’ plate.

6. Snail and Butterflies Lunch Recipe

Have a snail and butterflies lunch made of mashed potatoes, mushrooms and ham. Serve it with some cheese and ketchup.

7. Easy Pancake Wrap Recipe

Make a pancake wrap with smoked salmon, spinach and ricotta into a snake!

8. Roaring Lion Sandwich Recipe

Here’s an irresistible  lion-shaped sandwich, made from bread, cheese, carrots and some other veggies.

9. Teddy Bear Pancakes Recipe

Take your regular morning pancakes and make a teddy bear face with apples.

10. Healthy Fruit Kabobs

Kids just love food on sticks. Next time you need a quick snack, try these yummy fruit kabobs.

11. Teddy Bear Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

Bread, baked egg, ham and veggies make a delicious breakfast sandwich that looks just like a teddy bear.

12. Cute Turtle Sandwich Recipe

Use a turtle sandwich to sneak in all sorts of vegetables and protein.

13. Adorable Panda Dessert Recipe

This cute little panda dessert is made of natural yogurt and blackberries.

14. Cool Shrimp Turtles Recipe

Shrimp turtles  are a  great idea to get your little ones to try seafood.

15. Easy Spider Snack Recipe

Make a quick and easy  spider snack  with bananas, pretzels and raisins.

Which fun and creative meal are you making for your kiddos today?

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