IHOP Copycat Nutella Crepes

Lately I have been ordering the Nutella crepes at IHOP and thought I might be able to improve on them at home with my own IHOP Copycat Nutella Crepes Recipe. They are very tasty there, but homemade crepes and fresh strawberries are absolutely cravable.  This post contains affiliate links.  

nutella crepes

What You Need To  Make Copycat IHOP Nutella Crepes:


Nutella crepes with bananas and strawberries

I also use a crepe maker.

Crepe maker

I am kinda a kitchen gadget girl, but this is one of the NECESSITIES of a kitchen.   I have had several over the years and this is the one that is currently working.   It makes making crepes super easy.   Back to the crepe recipe…

How To Make Copycat IHOP Nutella Crepes

  • Mix all the ingredients (except the melted butter) together in a blender until smooth.   Let sit at room temperature for a 1/2 hour.
  • Baste the crepe maker with melted butter and then dip the pre-heated contraption into a pie plate filled with the batter.   Flip over and let cook for 3 minutes or until done.crepe
  • Stack completed crepes between wax paper sheets.
  • Grab your big ol’ bottle of Nutella.
  • Spread the Nutella onto the crepe and then add sliced bananas.

crepe spread with Nutella and bananas

  • Roll up the crepe and top with fresh strawberries that are sliced and sprinkled with sugar.

It was very difficult to finish with the photos before I ate this…

Nutella crepes


So good.

I might need this daily.


  1. Looks delish! I also recently dabbled in making crepes and they were yummy! I did Nutella plus bananas on some and on others I did a squeeze of lemon juice with a sprinkling of sugar! Delish! Oh, and very cool pan – I never knew there were bonafide crepe makers!

  2. Amazing !! Looks so yummy!

    Hope my kids not looking at this blog..or else they would be saying “why don’t you ?”


  3. Nutella is my kryptonite, might need to order a crepe pan right now.

  4. I am a HUGE Nutella fan!!! I’ve always wondered if those crepes were any good at IHOP. Now I’m going to have to try them!

    New Follower through Blog Frog!

  5. Looks yummy!!!! My family is crazy over nutella and crepes. I’m sure we would love this recipe. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure to make this one over the weekend.:-)

  6. The one with bananas and nutella look amazing. I had no idea there was an electric crepe maker. Awesome!

  7. Can’t wait to make this. I love anything with Nutella

  8. I am going to make nutella crepes this weekend, so I am going through lists of nutella crepe recipes now… Your crepes look the poshest so far, but this is most likely because you have your own crepe maker! (*envious eyes*)

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