Newly Mommy “ A new mom survival kit

Being a new mommy is such an exciting time.  Those first few days are a blur of feedings and diaper changes and what day is it again?  Even though I remember falling madly in love with my new baby, I also remember a lot of tears.  And headaches, and days of not showering.  It was equally full of joy and stress.

Everyone overwhelmingly blesses the baby with new gifts but so often we forget about the woman holding it all together.  The person that is expected to stay up all night and care for a brand new person.

New mom survival kit

Postpartum isn’t always an easy time for women and now there is a simple way to bless new mommy’s.

New Mom Survival Kit

Newly Mommy is a kit full of valuable essentials to help you feel revived, empowered and loved during those tiring (but oh so exciting) first days home.  The kit is packaged up and mailed directly to the new mom’s doorstep.  It contains perfect selected items like organic dry shampoo, a luxury eye pillow, words of encouragement and much more.

newly mommy

I know as a new mom I would have felt so blessed to have received a gift like this.  I would have used every single thing inside and been so thankful to the person who sent it to me.  Learning what I did after my first baby, I would have certainly bought one for myself for the second!

Take a look at Newly Mommy and consider it for your next baby shower gift, new mom gift or a treat for yourself after birth.


  1. I tried to buy 2 of these, for my 2 daughters who are expecting soon, but the website wouldn’t let me make a purchase. Did anyone else have better luck? So disappointed! 🙁

  2. Hi Susan,
    I am so very sorry but the issue you experienced is now FIXED. Please try again and accept my apologies!

  3. BTW, I tried to share this post to Facebook, but it links to something different when I do. 🙁

  4. This time it worked. Thank you!!

  5. I do not know why FB does that sometimes. So sorry! Thanks for trying.

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