Since I live in Richmond, I have the advantage of being in close driving proximity to Williamsburg, VA. My family and I visit it often, seeing how that is the one place that has so much entertainment and historic places all in one little area. There is so much to do, to learn, and to see. You can shop the whole day away (or empty your pocket book, whichever goes first) or play all day or even just see how this whole place began ¦ 10 Things to Do in Williamsburg Virginia from Kids Activities Blog

10 Things to Do with Kids in Williamsburg, VA

1.  Colonial Williamsburg –  As you walk down the cobblestone paths, you can see the bustling town of Colonial Williamsburg. The re-enactors are all clad in colonial style gowns and outfits, will tell you and your children stories of old and bring you up-to-date on the Revolutionary War actions. You can learn more about particular jobs, such as the Blacksmith, the Cobbler, the Apothecary, the General Store and more! 2.  Jamestown –  Want to teach your child about the early Native Americans? This site is set up perfectly to give your kids a hands-on experience. They will have fun going inside Native houses, trying their hands at taking the fur off a hide, and other small things. You will also meet some Native American re-enactors. 3.  Yorktown –  I went to this site when I was thirteen. I had so much fun. They have a place where you could dress up as a Continental soldier, explore a camp set up, and even watch or even participate in the loading of a canon. Yorktown is a fun, educational place to go and talk to your children about the surrender of the Revolutionary War. 4.  Busch Gardens –  If you like fun, entertainment, and family-friendly parks, this is the one you should check out. There are rides in different countries throughout the park. Alongside the many thrilling roller-coasters, there are quite a few kiddy rides; perfect for families. The environment is amazing and good etiquette is highly suggested. Getting tired of walking and being in the sun? Go inside and site and watch a show! 5.  Water Country USA –  If you're not into fast and furious roller-coaster rides, not worry. Just a few miles away you can find the great Water Country USA, where rides and water combine. There are rides for everybody, young and old, small and big. There are family rides and individual rides. Be ready to be soaked in fun. 6.  President’s Park –  If you're leaving Water Country USA, why don't you drop by the President's Park? It is free and you can get to see larger than life busts of all 43 presidents. 7.  Great Wolf Lodge –    Looking for the perfect place to go on vacation, in Williamsburg, VA? How about the Great Wolf Lodge, where you can have a large room that will comfortably fit your whole family and a huge indoor water park? There are even restaurants inside the building for your convenience. 8.  Williamsburg Premium Outlets –  Are you looking for some amazing shopping centers that your whole family will enjoy? With the Williamsburg Outlet everything you can think of buying are here ¦on a big discount! 9.  Williamsburg Trading Post –  Enjoy a few minutes inside this Williamsburg Trading Post, where you will feel like you had stepped back in time. This Trading Post is a perfect place to get some souvenirs for the family and is a really cool experience for the kids. P.S. The homemade fudge is delicious ¦ 10.  Ripley’s Believe It or Not! –  Okay, your kids will be in heaven at this last destination ¦Ripley's Believe It or Not! Come look at some of the unbelievable things that has happened to so many different people in this world. I am sure that your kids will have many things to laugh about and tell all their friends ¦ I could definitely live in Williamsburg. It is just the coolest place. You can do so much with the whole family. Of course, these 10 attractions are just a few of the many things you can do in the town of Williamsburg. You can explore the area by driving, taking a touring bus, or walking ¦ whichever way you please.

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