DIY kids activities are great fun.  It is fulfilling to play with something that you made all by yourself.  It also teaches children to be creative and inventive.  You don’t need to spend money on toys to have a fun! Today we’re sharing some DIY activities (like diy wind chimes) you can make with your kids right at home, easily.   These all come from today’s Best Blog feature, Laughing Kids Learn.   Read more about her by following that link! LOTS of Fun with DIY Kids Activities

LOTS of Fun with DIY Kids Activities

1.   Edible Finger Paint  – This is a simple recipe that uses cornstarch and sugar.   Perfect for the babies that want to play artist but can’t be trusted to not put everything in their mouths. 2.   Bird Seed Feeders  – Use gelatin and bird seed to make feeders molded into fun shapes.   A great project to aid in a study about birds or to just have fun watching them! 3.   Milk Racket Ball  – Incredibly easy DIY for active play.   Simply cut an empty milk jug and grab a small ball to toss back and forth.   Great fun AND exercise! 4.   No-Cook Playdough  – Make playdough right in your own kitchen without even having to turn on the stove.  This video shows you exactly what to do. 5.   Glitter Bottles  – A great DIY for baby, this sensory bottle is pretty and glittery and fun to shake.  Add lots of glitter and sequins to this mixture of oil and water in a plastic bottle. 6.   Chalk Paint  – Making your own chalk paint only takes three simple ingredients!  This is a fun activity for younger kids and also for older kids to practice measuring and math skills. Thank you for these great activities, Kate!

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