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Three boys make a mess.

But when you think about it, it isn’t just three on some days, they seem to multiply!

There are the sleep-overs, the playdates  {shhh…I don’t think I am supposed to call them that anymore}, and the study-together sessions.

All these things add up to dirt.

Dirt on stuff.

Dirt under stuff.

Dirt ground into stuff.

It is all over the house.  It is all over the car.  It is all over the garage between the house and the car.

One of the things I use nearly daily to keep our home from becoming one big pile o’ dirt is my vacuum.

Because I am a little vacuum-obsessed, I was excited to try the new BISSELL ®  Powerglide ®  with Lift-Off ®  Technology.  It works as a traditional vacuum, has a wand that reaches quite far, and also has the ability to lift the canister off the base and take that wand even further with ease.

The funny thing is that our house has very little carpeting, but a vacuuming with the BISSELL Powerglide isn’t JUST for carpeting.

Oh the Places My BISSELL Will Go

Places I Regularly Use BISSELL Powerglide:

There are lots of places in my house that a traditional vacuum is useless.  Here are a few ways that I have found it helpful to have a vacuum with more versatility!

1.  Fabric Shades  – I love that the Pet TurboEraser ® Tool has a rotating brush that works great on my fabric shades.  For some reason, I am always erasing cat hair at this height.  I can’t even explain that!

2.  Cobwebs in the Corners  – I don’t claim these spiders as pets, but they seem to be quite at home.  We live in a very densely wooded area and cobwebs are common both inside the house and around my porch and walking path.  I have been threatening to take the vacuum outside to deal with the ones out there!

3.  Roller Shades  – Even though the roller shades spend the majority of their life rolled up, they still get dusty and visits from my spider pets.  I love how with the extension wand, I can dust and clear dirt from the top of these shades in just a few seconds.

4.  Fireplace Rocks  – Our fireplace is made with very rustic rock.  They are impossible to dust because the surface of each rock is very rough and the mortar between is irregular.  I love that the crevice tool can dust the rocks and remove any small loose pieces.

5.  Dining Room Table  – My dining room table has grooves in it for decoration.  I don’t know WHO designs tables with grooves for decoration, but obviously this designer doesn’t eat or work at tables with grooves.  We use the dining room table for studying.  It makes a great place to spread out and study with a friend or brother.  Those grooves in the table end up with food, snacks, eraser bits, general dirt, and dust lodged securely.  A rag is too wide to fit in the grooves which is why the perfect solution is the crevice tool to remove the grime from the grooves.

6.  Dryer Lint Trap Area  – My dryer has a very nice lint trap that is easily cleaned, but around that lint trap in the dryer is harder to reach.  Even if I can get my fingers to the wayward lint, it is not easy to grab.  The vacuum does a great job at clearing this area.

7.  Welcome Mat  – Even when kids remove their shoes when entering the house, that dirt collects!  The welcome mat is a place that collects it.  The weight of this mat makes it very difficult to shake, but using a wand to clear out the dirt is simple.

8.  Under the couch  – OK, so it took me to #8 to get to some carpet!  The couch is very heavy and situated over a floor outlet that is finicky when disturbed.  I love using the Pet TurboEraser Tool to sneak in under the couch and grab the unsuspecting dirt.

Check out these cleaning tips from other moms who have had a little experience cleaning up messes!

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