Pretty in Pink?

No good can come from this posting. This is a picture of “80s Holly.”
I went to a costume party last week as an 80s Bridesmaid. It was frightening. I had the dress and the dyed to match shoes (I know! I know!) and I wish you could appreciate the big bow on the back of this dress. I am also wearing white sheer pantyhose, clear glitter nail polish, big hoop earrings, a large crooked bow in my spiral curled and CRIMPED hair.
I didn’t have time to go shopping so Greg went to Target to find my accessories. He didn’t do well at Target and came back with some things, but not true 80s things. He went down to Wal-Mart and called me excitedly, “you should see all the crap they sell here!” He actually found a hair crimper.
While getting ready I was surprised how it all came back to me so quickly…you should try this at home! I naturally blowdried my hair upside down after volumizing mousse. Then curled it, sprayed it some more and then this….back-combing the bangs, spraying them with hairspray then drying them with the hairdrier. It has been over 20 years, but some things you don’t forget. I am hesitant to post this because some of you know me now and thank God were never subjected to 80s Holly and then there are some of you who have not seen me for awhile and remember me this way…so sorry! I did end up with “most original costume” at the party.


  1. Hea there Sis,

    Isn’t this the bridesmaid dress from my wedding? (Grin) Do I dare admit to this? Love the site! Where are your adorable nieces and nephews? Not that I’m partial to the niece aspect. Can’t wait to see you guys soon. Just 37 more days until we land.

    xoxo to everyone!
    Gertie & Ethel

  2. Burgh Baby's Mom says:

    That looks remarkably similiar to a bridesmaids dress a friend of mine is wearing THIS SUMMER. I’ll have to print your photo and show her how she should do her hair.

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