a boy and a one-eared burro

I have a new iPhone app obsession.

Thankfully, it doesn’t include trying to think up words using 7 vowels that can stretch over a triple word score.

It is Instagram.

boy on burro

You take a picture with your phone and then click on a variety of magical filters, and you look all professional-ish.

The other cool thing about Instagram is there is a whole community of people using it.   Because it is a really fast and easy way to connect, I find myself checking Instagram every time I pick up my phone.


  1. Love your little mans eyes. I need an iPhone so I can have all the fun apps.

  2. Love it. Aren’t the apps fun? Check out Best Camera if you haven’t yet. They have a website as well. Wish they made apps for Ipad, too.

  3. This picture looke great! The filter really makes it look like a professional shot.

  4. Stopping by from I Heart Faces…
    Love the shot, and the catch lights in his eyes are beautiful.

  5. ugh. need a new app like i need a hole in my head.

    ok, on my way to the app store now.

  6. LIKE. I’m so insanely hooked on it, I haven’t written a blog post in over three weeks. I just keep snapping and editing pictures. And hoping one day I’ll make it to the popular page. 🙂 I may even start a new iphotography career…ok, i may have to rethink that. Not sure if we’re friends on IG but I’m @mommyinkwell.

  7. Can’t wait to share the obsession! This got to be one of the greatest apps out there.

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