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As I have mentioned before, my three boys are staunchly anti-girl.

boy talks about girls

There isn’t anything about a girl that is redeeming.



Since I have a little life experience, it has been my expectation that at some point these three boys are going to cave.

Sometime in the future girls might be a little bit OK.

Blog-Stedman and I have placed bets on which of the boys will be first to see the light.

My bet has always been on Reid(7). He has a big heart. The girl-bashing words that come out of his mouth never seem like they originated with him.   He seems to be a parroting the indoctrinated phrases of his older brother.

As Rhett(5) has grown, I have wondered if maybe my money is misplaced. He has a tendency to choose the path less traveled at our house…just so he is different. Just so he has a debate. Just so he can get a little attention.

This week while Rhett and I were sitting alone eating lunch, he turned to me and said, “mom, I think I like girls”.

Even though your brothers think they are yucky?

Yes. I don’t care what they think, but don’t tell them.

Your secret is safe with me.

Later that day, Rhett and I were working on his phonics. He is at the point where he is just sounding out easy 3-4 letter words. Reid was working on another subject at the same table.

The word was H-O-T.

Rhett started to sound it out. He was having a little difficulty with the “o” sound and Reid jumped in to help.

Rhett, it is a word you know. It has two meanings.

Interested, I asked, “what are the two meanings?

Reid grinned and said, “Mom. You know!

I couldn’t help myself, “No. I can only think of one it is warm outside. What is the other?

Reid continued to grin large and uncomfortably, “Mom. YOU know!

No, what is the OTHER meaning of HOT?


No.   I can’t think of ANY other definition.

Hot. Like a cute girl.

As the words came out of his mouth he looked a little horrified.   He then looked around the room to see who might have overheard his pro-girl declaration.

It was just Rhett and me.

We are both on his side.   And then Rhett, my favorite child in the entire world, said this…

You mean hot like mom?


  1. What a doll! Good job mom!

  2. good boy. D8 is like that. OK, it was a compliment about my chocolate chip cookies always being good but I took it to mean that I am also hot.

    last night we told our 12 year old that some day he would actually want to have sex. yeah, we said that to him. he was horrified. thank God.

  3. I think that Rhett deserves an extra scoop of ice cream!

  4. I love how you pretend to not know. 🙂

  5. O.M.G – I just died Holly! That is the cutest thing (and post) EVER. 🙂 Your stories about your boys never cease to delight me – they are lucky to have such a wonderful Mom and they will LOVE hearing these stories some day! 🙂

  6. Your kids totally brightened my mood!! LOVE them! They totally made me smile with their cute-isms.

  7. Love those boys. I wish Rhett would have said “HOT… like Shauna?” though – that would have made my day.

  8. Karen London says:

    Love it!

  9. Yeah, Rhett! Hot like mom…you will be mom’s favorite forever and ever..and you’ll probably be the one to help her move into the nursing home. You are the good son 🙂

  10. LOVE Rhett!! He is the SMART one 😀 LOL

  11. I love your son.

    And speaking from experience, I would reinforce the “girls are yucky” philosophy for as long as is possible without therapy bills.

    EVERYONE’S life will be easier.


  12. Oh man… A few years ago, I’m guessing Gen was 8 or 9, my son (who was then 17) told her that she was cute, one day she’d be pretty and then she’d be hot. I turned to him and said “yeah… hot pretty much means doable, right? nope. don’t EVER say that again. Her goal is NOT to be hot…”

    I like your son’s interpretation a lot more, you hot mama you!

  13. Nice. The love of boys for their mama is perfection.

  14. Clearly Rhett is the best.son.ever. EVER!

    That is awesome.

  15. Wonderful story about cute kids who love their mother.
    I kept a journal of my daughters’ cute quotes when they were small.

    More on motherhood: “Wisdom of Our Mothers,” 88 stories and poems of what the authors learned from their mothers.

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