10 Things to Do with Kids in Richmond, VA

I have lived in the Richmond area my whole life, so I ™ve had the wonderful opportunity of visiting so many amazing places in Virginia's capital.

The options might not jump right in your face like if you were in the city of Chicago or visiting the Nation's capital, but here is a list of 10 things you can do with your kids in Richmond, VA.

things to do with kids in Richmond Virginia

10 Things to Do with Kids in Richmond, VA

1.  Children's Museum of Richmond –  This museum will have your kids ™ imagination as they go from one thing to another. Let your kids experience shopping and cashiering in a small store area, or climb up into a kids jungle gym, and MUCH MORE!

2.  Maymont  –  Need some time outdoors? Go to Maymont and take a stroll in the Children's Farm Barn and visit Chickens and Goats, along with other native animals, such as Black Bear, Fox, and more. You can also visit the indoor Nature Center to see River Otter, Snakes and reptiles, and learn about natural habitats.

3.  Byrd Theatre –  Experience watching a movie in an old theatre from 1928! It's like going back in time. Watch a new release movie (without previews) and be entertained by an organist. This is one experience you don't want to miss. Oh, yeah! It only costs $1.99 per person, too!

4.  Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden  –  The most visited place in Richmond, VA, Lewis Ginter awes many of its guests by its beauty and splendor. Visit the gardens, located on 50 acres, the historic building, or the many shops.

5.  Science Museum of Virginia  –  This museum is filled with so many fun learning activities. You can see how much you weigh on any one planet, learn about electricity, animals, and more! Plus, be sure to check out what is showing in the museum's IMAX theatre.

6.  Virginia Repertory Theatre –  Enjoy live shows brought to you by actors, singers, and talented performers. You child will be immersed in the stories being told.

7.  Virginia Aviation Museum –  Love planes? Check out Richmond's Aviation museum. You ™ll be surrounded my small jet airplanes, given tours, and offered to do hands on stuff.

8.  Richmond Metro Zoo –  Come enjoy the day at our local zoo, where you ™ll find Lions, Penguins, Giraffes, and more! Experience a jungle safari or feeding a giraffe.

9.  King’s Dominion –  Who doesn't love a good theme park? King's Dominion offers you thrilling coasters, kiddy-rides, theme park food and all!

10.  American Civil War Center –  Richmond was the confederates ™ headquarters during the Civil War. Virginia was home to many battles. Visit this museum to hear and learn about this war.

My family loves living here and exploring what is here for us to do. Being a homeschool family, anything historic or educational is a huge hit for us. We have done a lot of things here in Richmond, but trust me, there are so much more things that I didn't even list!


  1. Thanks for this post! We are visiting Richmond this week (from Germany). I grew up here (went to Godwin), but now that I have a kid (actually a toddler at 18 months old) I needed reminding about what to do here. I appreciate the post. I was also thinking about finding a library story time to visit 🙂

  2. Oh have fun Judi!

    A local library story time is a great idea! We will “steal” that for future articles.

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