shauna profile There are not a lot of things that are more exciting than packages show up on my doorstep. Whether it be a box or a big yellow package…it just sends warm feelings all through me. Well, today was a little different. My husband and I came home to a package on the doorstep. He picked it up and handed it to me. I didn’t recognize the name on the return label – but that is not important. It is not WHO the package is from – It is the package itself that makes it exciting… Anyhow – I opened the package and this book was inside: 002 Aw-kward. I am fumbling.   Did I order this?   Does someone else think I need to consult a divorce lawyer? Why is this in my hands??? Then I realize that it is co-authored by one of my design customers. I stumble through an explanation to my dear husband that she sends me all her books. It is really quite nice of her to do so.   But this one could have really gotten me in trouble! Speaking of Sally – you can check out her amazing line of cookbooks over at & while you are at it – she has two new blogs (that I designed) at and

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  1. This is cracked me up so much, it looks like it would be a funny informative book. I don’t know what Casey would do if something like that showed up here.

  2. From cook books to divorces..did he not like her cooking? Or did she not like to cook for him? hehe..yeah i guess that would send you for a loop. My husband would have been caught off guard too. Funny though!