Braum's Book Buddy Program

bookbuddyBraum’s Book Buddy is a fun and rewarding reading incentive program for children in 1st – 5th grades.

The Braum’s Book Buddy program gives children the opportunity to read for delicious prizes from Braum’s! Each child can earn up to six treats throughout the year including Single Dip Sundaes, Single Dip Ice Cream Cones and more! The best part…it costs nothing to participate in Braum’s Book Buddy reading program.

Braum’s is happy to offer this program to elementary schools and home schools absolutely free!

The Book Buddy program is so simple.   Teachers distribute Braum’s Book Buddy booklets to their students and then monitor book reading by placing a Book Buddy sticker in the student’s booklet for each book read. When a student has read six books, the teacher rewards the student with a coupon for a free treat from Braum’s!

The program, which begins in September and lasts throughout the school year, is available to 1st-5th graders who attend an elementary school (or home school) in a Braum’s community.

She Is Dallas Info: If your child’s school is not participating in the Braum’s Book Buddy program, contact the school and ask them to!   If your school meets the criteria, the school principal can send a written request for enrollment information on school letterhead to:

Braum’s Book Buddy Reading Program

PO Box 25429

Oklahoma City, OK 73125

For more information, please visit the Braum’s Book Buddy Program webpage.

Braum’s Book Buddy program is a great way to encourage children to read and earn prizes at the same time!



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