Not Likely to Appear in Architectural Digest…soon

Today we are in for a treat.

I have arranged an interview with world famous Nirvana architect, Rhett.

Rhett is a 3 year old architect out of North Texas. His formal training was in other areas (potty training, pedaling a tricycle and book procurement for story time) and is predominantly self-taught in the field of architecture.

His previous architectural achievements have included unique structures created out of non-traditional building materials such as Legos, Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs and wooden blocks. He is a master at mixed media and demonstrates a creative streak that is unsurpassed.

Thank you Rhett for joining us today.


Rhett, can you please show us your latest work?

Here. Look. It is by couch. DON ™T KNOCK IT DOWN!

Inspired! What a unconventional take on a modern town. I am impressed with the traffic flow and advanced planning for population congregation.

No. This is family. Here is mom, dad, Ryan, Reid, Rhett (me), Grandma, Grandpa, Mimi, Bampa, Abby (dog), Scooter (cat), Lauren and Baby Benjamin.

Oh! How unexpected. So this one is your mom?

Yes. Mom.

The tall structure with the wide hips?

Yes. Mommy is big.

And the shorter, skinny structure behind it is your dad?

Yes. Mommy LARGE. Daddy MEDIUM. Rhett SMALL.

I am hoping that you are referring to SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE in a metaphorical sense of their spectrum of influence ¦


This interview is over.

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