“What IS that” you ask? Those are toothpicks…broken in halves. I was visiting my parents this week and went to the cabinet to get a toothpick. Every single one I pulled out of the box was broken in half. I asked my mom “why do you only have broken toothpicks?” Her answer? “Your dad doesn’t want to use a whole toothpick so he breaks them in half.” Now, you might think they have fallen on hard times, but they haven’t. My dad just can’t bring himself to be wasteful of even half a toothpick.

I shouldn’t poke fun because he did teach me the value of re-using coffee filters and squeezing every last molecule out of the toothpaste tube (my husband would throw it away but I can brush my teeth for 2 weeks with the toothpaste that’s left) and getting two more hair washes from an empty bottle of shampoo by swishing water around in it and not throwing away the bottle of ranch dressing until you have rinsed it out with milk and used it on a salad. But breaking toothpicks in half? I would NEVER do that!


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  1. Fran Callaghan says:

    On that same line, have you ever cut “SOS” pads in half. They go twice as long.

  2. That’s fantastic & funny! My Grandma saves her half-used sugar packets & SweetNLow packets when she’s at restauraunts and brings them home to finish using. She grew up in a family of 13 children on a farm in Czechoslovakia and being wasteful was never a way of life! 🙂 That is very cute about the toothpicks!

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